And now a word to our sponsors:

Two words, actually:


World’s Best Cat Litter gamely sponsored what I imagine is going to be the one post people remember a year from now. Thank you, Drew and the whole WBCL team!

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An ‘Above and Beyond’ thank you goes to Jen Cleere at Fetching Tags for not only donating multiple tags to my blogathon, AND a guest post, she then ran her own blogathon while giving away oodles of tags on her own site! She was like the Ultra Blogathoner!

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The ‘gifts that keep on giving’ thanks goes to these sponsors who made additional generous donations beyond their giveaway:

Calming Collars has agreed make a $5 donation to “the puppy for Bradyn” for each Calming Collar purchase this month that mentions Dr. V or Pawcurious or even Blogathon2010 (there is a “how we heard about you” box in checkout).

Dr. Nancy Kay of Speaking for Spot created a special link where, if you purchase Speaking for Spot, $5 will be donated to Bradyn!

Dr. Amy Valentine of  Dog Angel Jewelry donated an additional $350 to Bradyn’s fund which, in the last seconds of the blogathon, brought the total up to my fundraising goal of meeting or exceeding last year’s total. If that isn’t worth a like on Facebook, I don’t know what is! 😉

The Honest Kitchen has designated Bradyn’s fund the December charity of the month, and a portion of all their December sales will be donated to his fund!

All of the sponsors were so very generous with their products and willingness to help out however they could.

Biscuits by Lambchop’s Annette Frey ran 4 giveaway scavenger hunts across 5 websites, donating the time and energy to write all of the questions and keep track of all the participants as they raced to win on Twitter. There wasn’t a time I logged on during the blogathon that she wasn’t there too, Tweeting and cheering us on and being a tremendous supporter.

The team at Veterinary Wisdom contributed not one, but THREE guest posts in addition to the Clay Paws giveaway.

Smiling Frog Pets has already thrown in their name to be a part of Blogathon 2011!

And Peekeeper and Jennie B Goode both heard of the blogathon right before it started, and without any hesitation jumped on in and said, “We’re in- we want to help!”

When things are nasty and dastardly out there, I remember people like all of you and then it’s not so bad.

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  • Proud to be a part of Blogathon 2010!

  • Lisa W

    Just goes to prove once again that “animal people” are the best people!

  • Cathey

    I agree completely with Lisa W. Great job to all!

  • Lisa W

    And I personally would like to thank the people who offered to help me re: my sanctuary/website/blog. I will definitely be reaching out to you but I thought I would be considerate and wait until after the holidays. Please know that your offers are greatly appreciated!!!

  • Tamara

    That last sentence just sums it all up 🙂 What a heartwarming adventure Blogathon 2010 was!

  • Way to go everyone! The blogathon was great and we’re so happy we got to participate. I love hearing about generous people.

  • Yes Blogathon 2010 reminds just proved to me how much Good there is in the world. Sometimes its hard to remember day to day but there is nothing like the animal community. Congrats Dr. V!

    Thanks Lisa, I look forward to helping out in any way possible when your ready 🙂

  • Yeah – what everyone else has said!! 🙂 Awesome job – and we’re so happy to have been a small part of it!

  • You did an amazing job! Happy to be a part of the Blogathon again this year and in excellent company! I’m in for 2011 of course. : )