I can barely keep up with what’s been going on here and I’m the one who had to hit publish on it all! Not to fear, I’ll sort through it later and try to make it more presentable so you can keep entertained for the next few weeks. There are also 7 other blogs’ worth of material- REALLY great stuff, what I have gotten a chance to see.

Got a favorite moment from the Blogathon? Share it below! I’ll come up with a “Best Of” post this week.


If you won a giveaway, I announced it in the post or in response to your comment. This week I will go through the process of contacting people and getting the info together! You can help me out by checking the contests you entered to see if you won; if so, drop me a line at dr (at) pawcurious dotcom with “I WON!” in the subject line or something like that.

We have THREE giveaways left, really great ones! Honest Kitchen, Fetching Tags and Dog Angel Jewelry! Keep on keeping tuned in!

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  • Lisa W

    I’ve had several moments/stories that I really enjoyed. But I have to say that the funniest one was Sophie and Oscar wakingme up to let them outside at 1:15 am, suspiciously just in time to enable me to win some Bisuits by Lambchop! Who says dogs aren’t smart….