The Honest Kitchen Giveaway: Brody’s Surf Shack

Congratulations to the winner, Leigh!!

When Brody’s not catching aerials or checking out Bettys on the beach, he’s thinking about eating. At least, I think that’s what he’s thinking about.

And since we just had a big special occasion, we decided to celebrate his surfing success with the penultimate California snack: fish tacos.

Fortunately for us I have a big box of Zeal from The Honest Kitchen. THK is a regular in our rotation, and I know how excited people were when they came out with a fish-based diet for sensitive dogs. It’s a whitefish and sweet potato diet that is grain free, gluten free, and ethoxyquin-free.

I’ve tried fish-based foods before and very often, wind up with some unpleasant gaseous problems as a result. No guarantees how it will be for you, but Zeal didn’t cause that same problem with Brody or Koa. And as someone who hates the smell of fish with a passion, this food doesn’t smell fishy even when you reconstitute it.

I’m into simple things right now. Dog fish tacos are as simple as can be.

1. Reconstitute Zeal with warm water.

2. Put in a taco shell (obviously not something you want to do if your pet does have certain dietary sensitivities)

3. Garnish while your dogs get impatient.


If you’d like to make this for your own dog, or if you just want to try out Zeal- I have a 10 pound box of Zeal to give away courtesy of The Honest Kitchen! This makes 43 pounds of fresh food. This box retails for $100.

To enter, leave a comment below with either your dog’s surfer name, or suggest one for Brody- other than Brodacious (which is the best I got so far.) Giveaway open to US residents and closes 11:59 PST May 31, 2011.

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  • Cathey

    We have Lua Lizzie & Kahuna Fiona, both beach lovers.

  • alisa

    I’ve got a Ted-aronie!, a Kona, and a Julian Wave Racer, that would love some fish tacos! YUM!

  • Jessica

    Juli-luau would love some fish tacos!

  • Tonya

    Clyde dreams of being a surfer dog. Or even a dock diving dog. In the absence of a very necessary body of water, he will settle for just having a surfer name – Clyder the Spyder. πŸ™‚ And he would love some fish tacos!

  • Jason

    Considering my dog’s name is Koda…already the perfect surfer name. Just gotta say it slow with that California twang…”Kowdaw” :p

  • Miranda E

    Bone Yard Brody (Bone Yard in surf lingo is the area where the waves break according to Google)

  • Esther

    Moose would love some fish tacos! Fish is his favorite!

  • Sharon Box

    Sissy say’s Yum Yum Woof Woof Gi’me Gi’me Tacos!!!!!

  • Frankie “the Dude” Doodle would love to try some fish and if he wins I will even send a picture of him in his surf shirt at — where else? — the surfing contest in San Diego.

  • Gooch the Mooch would looove to try some of THK food.


  • staci

    My dogs are Ohio girls. They run from water… so my pitiful attempts at surfer names are: Gracearoo and Maggatude.

  • Jamie

    Yoshi-man and Akira-girl (hey, they aren’t really surfer names, but they are their real nick names, I know.. so creative, lol) are both lovers of water! Too bad we live in land locked Ohio. I can’t get them out of the bathtub when I am trying to dry off, after a shower! They both jump in as soon as I open the shower curtain! Akira is pushing 60 lbs and Yoshi is a growing 4 1/2 months old Husky, can’t wait until he is full grown and this is happening! I need to buy them a new pool for this summer as well, as last years got a crack in it.

    But they would both love to try THK! Especially since Huskies love the fish! (as would their not, so much a lover of water brother, Beethoven) We feed Orijen currently and have been looking at THK to put in to rotation!

  • Leigh

    The Dodge would love to try THK! (Although he watches surfing from the shore… he is a labrador who is afraid of the water!)

  • Darwin as a super surfer… Dar-winning or Dar-wipeout.

    Brody could be the Brodster or Barrel Brody.

  • LB

    The Brod-man sounds like a good surfer name for Brody lol.

    I think for my dog it would be definitely the Smelly Surfer. She has to find everything to roll in or put in her mouth and LOVES fish πŸ™‚

  • Michelle Spayde

    For Brody! Bitchin’ Brodaddy!

  • Lindsay

    How about Brah-dy?

    Brah for Bro…originally from Hawai meaning friend.

    From Urban Dictionary (

  • Ashley

    Man, I am terrible at these surf names! The best one I can come up for Brody are along the lines of making a play of ‘bro’, or maybe Broster! THE Broster.

  • Megan

    Man, I’m terrible at this game too. Brodacious, king of the board? (n know you said no “brodacious, but I elongated!) Boogie Board Brody? Brohah? There’s a few to choose from. My tiny chihuahuas would be terrified of the surf, but would love to to try some delicious THK food!

  • Melissa

    Gib-a-licious would love that taco!

  • Gromit Mommy

    Though he is a chocolate Lab who LOVES swimming, Gromit sometimes forgets *how* to swim. I have been known to come back from the dog park beach soaking wet (wearing jeans, fleece jacket, and hiking shoes) because Gromit had a temporary lapse and was goin’ down. He would love to surf but his mommy might have a heart attack if he did. Regardless, he can dream. And when he does, his name is the Grominator.

  • I have a Leolicious, Panda-baby and Junonator!

  • Mary

    Aloha from Jeff Spicoli πŸ™‚

  • Kim

    Oh, my Mr. T LOVES fish, fish tacos, fresh fish, canned fish…..basically, he loves EVERYTHING except plain lettuce, LOL! Would love to win my guy some Zeal! πŸ™‚

  • Heather Cox

    Brodster could be Brody’s surfer name, and my dogs surfer name is Lyla Love. this food is awesome i’m down to the last of it and with my dogs severe allergies its one of the only food she can eat and being a college student it’s rather expensive to feed her this… she’s allergic to corn or i would definenty try thoose tacos out with her. That is such a creative idea, i bet they go crazy waiting for those tacos. good luck with finding the righ surfer name for Brody although the one you choose seems adequate!

  • renee mcdaniel

    I have a labrador retriever who loves fresh or salt water. His name is Red. I save him from being put down because he was only bred for hunting and he is very gun shy. He was severely abused for the first year of his life. I took him in and retrained a beautiful loving family dog. He is a member of our family going on 2 yrs now.

  • stitch

    Ike a dude’ll do…..loves HK

  • Christine Donovan

    Lucia-fur (pronounced loosha-fer) and Grady White would love some fish tacos!

  • kate

    Brody’s surfer name: Wave Strider, like those bugs that “walk” on water, water striders?
    Jesus Bug is another name for them, but if you ran into religious surfers, you’d have some ‘splainin to do. J.B. might work. Only you and Brody would know and the B works for bug and Brody.
    My allergic girl loves Zeal! I hope your winner’s dog loves it, too!
    Thanks for the contest!

  • Amanda

    My Jack Russell Terrier’s name is Murphy …aka… The Smurph. So I guess his surfer name would be “Murph the Surf”. πŸ™‚

  • Doreen

    Bailey loves Zeal

  • Debbie

    “Chuck Norris” is definately not a surfer dog. He sinks like a rock but does spend time in the wading pool making bubble noises thru his nose…..Drewbie’s legs are too long and spindly, Biskit is afraid of water and Ozzie would eat the board before we could get him on it. But, they all LOVE Honest Kitchen foods! Never tried fish.

  • Erica

    ARG! is a pirate surfer! Possibly the first pirate/surfer/dog ever.

  • Jennifer

    Mr Capone of Carolina’s Heart of Dixie is his registered name, to me his 196 lbs of Mastiff love, my Capone (caponeeeee)

  • Salli

    Big Kahuna Katie (St. Bernard) Looooooves good food. Any food. Did someone say FOOD?!?!?!?!?! πŸ˜›

  • Koira “Martini Girl” would absolutely love to try some fish tacos! Pallo “Paws Overboard” certainly would love some too!

  • Karen and Tedy

    Tedy AKA “Tedster”. “Tedsicle”(NOT testicle), “Bruschi”(if you are in to Patriots football!) would love some fish tacos. He’d even share them with “Boomin Brody”!!

  • Kara

    Brody Glove!

  • Ellie

    We have a new Golden Retriever (our first family dog!) and she loves THK… Haven’t tried Zeal yet though!

    Her name is Dakota but her surfer name would be Dakotaloha.

  • Christine

    Maple-saurus Rex just started eating THK. Love it!

  • Jaclyn

    Ooo, surfer names. How fun! Glad I’m not the only one w/ “surfer” names for my dogs. πŸ™‚ My two girls love to hit the North Shore in Hawaii whenever possible. Halle’s surfer name is: Halle Ohana (because in Hawaii, Ohana means family … and that is exactly what she is). Dylan’s surfer name is “Dyl Pickle” … not quite the lingo I was expecting when we hit the beach – but better than “Dylan Dawg” which is what all the guys WERE calling her. πŸ™‚

  • Brandi

    Brody Won Kenody

  • My husband says “Brody-ly Tubular”. Lol…I think he’s stuck in Dachshund mode. Most of my wire Dachshunds love to swim, actually. Not sure they could ride waves, but being Dachs, I’m sure they would try. I do have a “Finn” and a “Maximus”. Maxi-Blaster even sports a Mohawk…I could see his little red wirey self being a Brody sidekick!! Lol!!

  • Sarah

    DexterDude would be my Lhasa’s surf name, he loves swimming! πŸ™‚

  • Michael Tetreault

    Gidget is my Yorkie’s name. If you’re old enough to remember the series Gidget (played by Sally Field) you’d know that Gidget really was a beach bum!

  • How about Bailin’ Brody … since he, um, bails off the board pretty regularly, lol ;-). My own dog would have to be something along the lines of Hodad Tucker (a hodad is a non-surfing beach bum, according to Google, which is perfect since Tucker loves the sand but hates the water!).

  • My GSD Shadow aka The Fun Police would love to try some Zeal…and so would my Rollie aka Doughboy and Miss Bonnie aka The Monkey

  • Hmm..not real creative so “Preston” dude or Blue Hawaii “Elvis”.

  • The Honest Kitchen uses cooked meats, eggs, and fish in their dehydrated foods (so, their foods aren’t raw).

  • I think Brody’s surfer name should be “Kaimana” which means “divine power of the sea”OR “Nalu” which means “ocean wave”. Either way Brody, you rock πŸ™‚ ps. We would love to have some totally rad Zeal πŸ™‚

  • I love it, and would love to win for my pup. Ok now the fun part … hmmm name … Dudolious πŸ™‚

  • Neither of my dogs take to water, so their surfer names would be something like OMG GET ME OUT OF HERE.

    But if they had to have a real name, maybe Bowdu can be Mr. Moto and Bowpi could be Pipi-Pipeline, after the surf rock hits.

    We hope we win! Fish-based food is a staple in this house!

  • allison m

    My lab’s surfer name is Lou-Bop… he loves when we can go to the dog-friendly beach and he can ride the waves! He’s absolutely thriving on Honest Kitchen… it’s great stuff.

  • Christina H.

    Ella The Tubular-Babella would LOVE to try Zeal…. she is Most Definately DIGGIN’ The Honest Kitchen. ; )

  • Linda

    My dog’s would be kody kahuna!

  • Kristin

    Dexter’s name would be “Driftin’ Dex”.

  • The Ruster for Rusty, he thinks he’s half otter and would love surfing if given the chance.

  • Wendy Lu

    My male pomeranian’s name is Duke, and our nicknames for him would be great surfer names (we call him Duke Nukem, Dukester, and the Dukenator–I bet you can get a sense of his big personality, haha). My female pomeranian’s name is Daisy, so her surfer name would be Dudette Daiseroo (she’s a sweetie, total opposite of her brother!). They would love the chance to win some Zeal, thanks! =)

  • Sharon

    Atka-vodka would make quick work of that taco!