Buckets of Food, Day 3: Zucchini

Plain pieces of raw zucchini. I didn’t think she would go for this one.

She, in fact, ate almost a whole zucchini.

Brody, on the other hand…not until I put some parmesan on it.

Do you see this? This is him begging for a piece although the piece he JUST SPIT OUT is still sitting next to him. It’s the same thing, Brody.

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  • KolchakPuggle

    Kolchak will SHANK YOU for a piece of zucchini. In fact, I have to keep my zucchinis caged in the garden, since year before last, he picked and ate all of them. I didn’t get a single one. WE HAD FOUR PLANTS! Do you know how much zucchini that is?!

    • That’s hysterical. I can picture you going out there and asking, where the heck is all the zucchini???

  • kgseymour

    HA! Hollie does this with banana. She doesn’t like it if the piece is too big, while Rudi will eat, you know, whatever banana you throw her way. But yeah, Hollie will chew on hers a bit, spit it out, and come back over to me for a different piece from the same damn banana. Dogs, man.

    • It’s not like I was trying to trick him. He watched me cut up the zucchini.

  • Our Newf loves anything from the ocean – fish, mussels, shrimp – you name it. Miss Mutt on the other hand will take shrimp because she knows he wants it and look at us in disgust while never actually eating it.

    • That’s awesome. They are such stinkers!

  • Tonya Whetsel

    Koa is not as smart as she looks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry, but I’m with Brody on this one.

    • And although I love her, she doesn’t look that smart. lol

  • Okay really though, ya gotta get to the goooood stuff. Peanut butter covered apples, raw eggs, McDonald’s Happy Meals, ice cream.
    My Molly does the same thing with carrots. Mosby will scarf them (as he does everything) but Molly will politely take it from you, walk into another room to dispose of it and then come back for more. As if somehow the next one will taste better. LOL

    • Don’t worry, even Brody will like what’s on the menu tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • JaneK

    Ok… Having trouble getting my comments through…. You rock with this! I remember my sister telling me that we as humans have to suffer but we can help animals not suffer but enjoy to the fullest! Thanks for taking us on the journey…. Try out the frosty paws from Linda Carson’s site: http://www.the7msnranch.com/2011/04/saturday-encore-frosty-paws-from-frugal.html?m=1 Apparently they are a no fail treat….

  • Cathey

    But it LOOKS new and Kekoa’s getting more!!

  • Kim

    What a perfect way to treat Koa! (Though I do question her taste in vegetables… Kale I can get behind, but zucchini is gross. Team Brody on this one.)

    Thanks for sharing these; this is a fantastic idea. I’ll share it with any person in a similar situation with a foodie animal friend. I will surely use it myself if/when the time comes for my cats, who both think that everything I’m eating looks like THEBESTTHINGEVER. On the rare occasion I indulge their pitiful meowing and manipulative headbutting and purring, they discover that, in fact, they like species-appropriate food better. But I’d be happy to prove it to them if the time comes, one special treat at a time.

    Also: nice manicure. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Amy

    No it’s not mom. I know it is different. Smell doesn’t count.

  • Financial Black Sheep

    Ha Brody got to love ya’! My Amber is so much like that, she spits out whatever it is she hates, then begs for it again. Goofy dogs ๐Ÿ˜€