With ten years of veterinary practice and six years of writing a popular pet blog on a daily basis, Dr. Vogelsang understands the pet community. Her speaking style mirrors her blog: if it’s not fun, it’s not interesting. If you’re looking for a speaker with 5,000 Power Point slides full of text, keep moving along. Dr. Vogelsang covers a wide range of topics including:

  • How to Be a Good Death Fairy: It’s rarely talked about, but counseling owners about the process of death is one of the most important and meaningful services you can provide. As a home euthanasia provider, Dr. Vogelsang will outline what to offer, how to talk to clients about death, and how to ease some of the pain of this process for our wonderful clients.
  • Quick and Dirty Veterinary Social Media: shortcuts to getting a social media program off the ground
  • Burn Out, Tune In: What happened to our profession? Why are so many vets frustrated, burned out, and ready to throw in the towel? Vets are trained to put others first at just about every turn, but this is the absolute wrong approach.
  • Beating Dr. Google at his own game: I know you’re smart. You know you’re smart. Even your clients know you’re smart. So how come they won’t listen to you, but they’ll take advice from an internet “expert?” It’s not about facts, it’s about trust. We can get it back.

If you’re interested in having Dr. Vogelsang as a speaker, please contact us at drv (at) pawcurious.com for more information.


Prior Speaking Engagements

“I’m the Angel of Death. Now Gimme Your Kids”, Ignite San Diego, February 2015, San Diego, CA

“Demystifying Death”, NAVC 2015, January 2015, Orlando, FL

“25 Big Ideas for Social Media”, AAHA  2013, March 14, Phoenix, AZ

“Today’s Top Social Media Networks”, AAHA  2013, March 14, Phoenix, AZ

“Protecting your Online Reputation”, AAHA  2013, March 14, Phoenix, AZ

“Veterans of the Social Media Warzone”, AAHA  2013, March 14, Phoenix, AZ

“Social Media A-Z”, ACES International Conference 2012, Sep 27-29, San Diego, CA

“What’s Super Healthy and has 6 Legs?”, BarkWorld Expo 2012, October 25-27, Atlanta, GA

Samples of Past Presentation Topics


Blogging Your Way to Better Practice

Dr. Vogelsang’s presentation at the 2011 BlogPaws convention covered the 5 cardinal rules for writing an engaging pet blog as well as some of the important dos and don’ts of topics to cover. This presentation, while geared towards veterinarians, is applicable to anyone writing a pet-centric blog.

Social Media for Primates

Dr. Vogelsang’s keynote presentation at the 2011 Minneapolis Veterinary Hospital Manager’s Association covered the basic principles for effective engagement with the pet loving community in the social media sphere, using examples from chimpanzee society to illustrate the important points.

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