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Things I am not offering currently:

-Advice on your specific pet’s condition (by law you need a valid client-patient relationship)

-Guest posts

-Text-based ads

Important info about advertising, giveaways, product reviews: is a member of the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network.  They manage all of the above.

Ads: Contact Yvonne DiVita with the BlogPaws PBN team via

Reviews/Giveaways: Pawcurious is not offering these on a regular basis. For consideration contact Yvonne at with your product info.

Special note to PR agents: What if I have something really cool and amazing to share with you on behalf of my client!

Thank you for your interest. Due to the volume of mail received and my husband’s reluctance to function as full-time unpaid volunteer, I can’t always guarantee a response. Thanks in advance for understanding.



We can be reached via snail mail at:

Pawcurious Media, LLC
10531 4S Commons Dr #572
San Diego, CA 92127
Please note I do not review: unsolicited products, books, vitamins, neutraceuticals, bizarre contraptions, anything that scares the children, shock devices, sample sizes, products accompanied by a guilt trip, etc, etc.