You’re a bad one, Mr. Brode


You’re a stinker, Mr. Brode.
You really have some gall!
You won’t stop jumping on me
And chasing kitty down the hall
Mr. Broooooooo-ode

I was going to wait until you were a year but I think I have no choice
To go ahead and remove your balls!

You’re a rotter, Mr. Brode.
You’re the king of eating junk!
Your belly’s full of earplugs
and your ears are full of gunk
Mr. Broo-ode!

The three words that best describe you are as follows and I quote:

*In a fit of pique at being left in the car while I got the mail out of the mailbox 5 feet away on the way home, he expressed his anal glands in my husband’s car, and hubby drives the nice one.

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  • mrs.brent

    that’s gross. i don’t think i’ve ever smelled male dog spray. i’ve always had females, fixed. the first male dog i’ve had is our murphy, we adopted him this past summer, he was my hubby’s wedding gift. and murphy is fixed.
    i know cat spray smells disgusting, my ex roommate had this stupid cat that was destructive and it also sprayed EVERYTHING from the doorknobs down. i had to make sure i closed my bedroom door 24/7. one time my ex-roomie went into my room to borrow something of mine (without permission) and left my door open. i came home to find my tennis shoes reeking of cat ass. so i locked the cat in her room with food and water, knowing she would be gone for the weekend and so would i, and she came home to find the cat had left her 2 nice brown presents–in her bed and in a pile of clothes she had left on the floor. i love justice ๐Ÿ™‚

  • OH NOOO!!! What a little Stinker…Literally.
    My Sympathies– for you, your husband, and the nice car…

  • Lisa W

    Sorry for the smell you have to endure, but that was REALLY funny!

  • Hahaha, puppies are malicious little bastards. Chewy’s done something similar a few times to spite us, just makes me appreciate her personality more. Sure, it sucks to clean, but at least I know she thinks for herself. Our friend’s dog has no personality, he was broken as a puppy.

  • Vanesha

    Sometimes I wish I was a dog, I could really do with “blessing” two particularly odious people I met today

    (even Brody’s puppy dog eyes couldn’t have given him a free pass on the spraying, poor you!)

  • Better than being sprayed by a skunk?? Looking at the bright side! : )

  • When Pru was a puppy she use to have a nasty habit of expressing her anal glands when she got upset (i.e. almost every time I was out of her sight). Definitely not the most fond memory of her puppyhood ๐Ÿ™‚

    It would be funny to see The Grinch Who Stole Christmas rewritten with Brody as the Grinch. Apollo could be Max!

  • lawgeekgurl

    my family vet from way back used to take out the anal glands when he spayed or neutered the doggies. He was of the opinion that they serve no useful pupose (evolutionally speaking, at this point) and caused more problems than not (i.e., infection, need for expressing them, etc.). I’ve never queried another vet about this theory as I have grown pets, but what do you think?

  • pikachu

    Oh my goodness , needless to say that smell stays with you. Yikes Just glad it wasnt in your car ๐Ÿ™‚