Brief Brodies Update

I closed nominations, and I’m working on getting everything categorized now. When I’m done, I’m going to assemble a top-notch panel of experts (read: suckers willing to volunteer) to help me narrow the nominees down to finalists in each category.

Then once I figure out the appropriate WordPress plugin everyone gets to vote.

I have no prizes other than bragging rights, but I will say you guys nominated some fantastic blogs I’ve never seen before, which is reward enough for me. 🙂

Filed: The Brody Awards
  • I’m always up for volunteering!

  • shoot! i just found you today. i have a fantastic blog i would have nominated, very cute and clever. oh well, next year!

  • lol, re-reading what i wrote, it sounds like i’m full of myself and my fantastic blog. i mean i KNOW OF a fantastic blog! it’s not MINE. mine is kind of lame, lol!!!