Nominations are OPEN!


Since the Weblog Awards went kaplooey for the year, I decided to make up my own awards specific for that underrepresented segment of the blogging world, the pet lovers. So far I have, like, 5 participants so hopefully I can drum up enough nominees to actually make something fun here and spread the word about some of the fantastic pet blogs out there on the net!

These are the categories I have so far:

1. Best Dog Blog
-For best blog about our canine pals.

2. Best Cat Blog
-For best blog about our feline friends.

3. Best Pet Blog (non dog or cat)
-For best blog about any pet(s) that are not dogs or cats.

4. Best Pet Photography
-For best photography of a pet blog- does not have to be a pet photographer, just someone who has great pictures!

5. Best Animal Advocacy Blog
-For best blog promoting animal welfare, rescue, or any positive topic in wellness and welfare.

6. Most informative pet blog
-For best informational or educational pet blog

I originally had “Best non pet blog” but then I decided that was silly and what every other blog award was for. I’ve had some good suggestions for other topics- best pet product blog, for example- and if enough people agree in the comments and come up with nominees I’ll do it.

So, away we go! Lay em on me! Nominations open now through, uh, whenever I have enough!

ETA 01/09/2010: Nominations are CLOSED! Now to sort through them all…

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