Nominations are OPEN!


Since the Weblog Awards went kaplooey for the year, I decided to make up my own awards specific for that underrepresented segment of the blogging world, the pet lovers. So far I have, like, 5 participants so hopefully I can drum up enough nominees to actually make something fun here and spread the word about some of the fantastic pet blogs out there on the net!

These are the categories I have so far:

1. Best Dog Blog
-For best blog about our canine pals.

2. Best Cat Blog
-For best blog about our feline friends.

3. Best Pet Blog (non dog or cat)
-For best blog about any pet(s) that are not dogs or cats.

4. Best Pet Photography
-For best photography of a pet blog- does not have to be a pet photographer, just someone who has great pictures!

5. Best Animal Advocacy Blog
-For best blog promoting animal welfare, rescue, or any positive topic in wellness and welfare.

6. Most informative pet blog
-For best informational or educational pet blog

I originally had “Best non pet blog” but then I decided that was silly and what every other blog award was for. I’ve had some good suggestions for other topics- best pet product blog, for example- and if enough people agree in the comments and come up with nominees I’ll do it.

So, away we go! Lay em on me! Nominations open now through, uh, whenever I have enough!

ETA 01/09/2010: Nominations are CLOSED! Now to sort through them all…

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  • Jessica

    I would have to say that the Bugsy the Wonderdog blog should win something. It’s a blog written from the perspective of one of our four legged buddies and it is cute, insightful, and frequently funny.

    You can check it out at


  • Huntyr

    my blog isnt bad (

    but I really enjoy reading @Georgetheduck blogs.

  • mari

    Great corgi pictures & stories

  • Susan Montgomery

    ok, for pet photography, Erin Vey

    For info Behind the bit

    For animal advocacy Joe at TB Friends
    (but FUGLY is a close second )

    For a dog blog I nominate me, LOL!

    Cat blog Daisey

    Good fun!

  • Ashley

    Dog blog: I nominate phetched and..uh.. me ๐Ÿ˜€ just because I can.. shameless I know!

    Cat blog: Chase No Face. It’s really the only cat blog I read.

    I wish we could nominate you, because I would so nominate pawcurious for Pet photography.. cause.. snap! Awesome photos.

    Most informative: I nominate PetSugar ( which does contain some fluff features, but has awesome information too.

  • John

    She has no idea I’m doing this, but I’d like to nominate my wife’s blog for the best dog blog-
    I’m familiar with every story she posts, and I took half of the pictures that show up on her site, but I still find myself reading and rereading her posts. They always make me smile and remind me what great dogs we have, and how much they improve our quality of life.

  • Stephanie

    4. Erin Vey has amazing photography on her blog:

    6. For information, I really like Laurie Luck’s blog – she’s raising the cutest Dane for a service group, and following along has been great.

    Also, this could be nominated for best dog blog AND most informative, but Patricia McConnell writes a great blog:

    This is fun – it’s nice to see an award for something I care about! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Katherine

    Well, others are doing it, so I will too:

    For best dog blog, I nominate Yours Truly, (
    I like to think I do a pretty good job sniffin’ out great doggie stuff (for the tasteful dog lover)… and we have a bunch of great giveaways, too!

    For photography blogs, my favorites are:
    Erin Vey –
    Leesia Teh –
    Grace Chon (Shine Pet Photos) –

    • Annette Frey

      I nominated Shine Pet Photos too — LOVE Grace Chon’s photos!

      My Life as Buster is a super cute “a day in the life” dog blog (from the pup’s perspective).

      • Dr. V

        I just checked out her site- love her photography!

        I’m trying to figure out how to copy the comments from the other post over here so all the nominations are together. In my, uh, 30 minutes of spare time I have today. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Annette Frey

          Can you ask people to repeat here?

          I officially re-nominate Grace Chon (Shine Pet Photos) โ€“

          (road trip to the west coast someday for photos with Starlet!)

  • Tammy

    1. Dog blog – – love Lindsay’s writing and info.
    2. Cat blog – Daisy – – I don’t normally like blogs “written” by the pet, but Daisy is an exception!
    6. Gotta go with Vet Wisdom Cafe (personal plug here!)

  • chris

    For photography, without a doubt…Erin Vey

    For most informative, I’d say My pet sitter turned me onto it and I really like it!

  • Maddie Marshall

    For my favorite dog blog, I nominate .

    • Maddie Marshall

      I would like to nominate for the Most Informative Pet Blog.

  • lili
  • LeroysMom

    1. Dog blog – Lots of good dog news & info, plus the company sponsors rescue groups & Operation Baghdad Pups.
    6. Most informative pet blog – Dog health news & info from the same company.

  • Jessica

    I’m going to go shameless and nominate our puppy blog: It documents the process from our decision to get a puppy and now covers the life of our 5 month old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

    I think the most informative pet blog is

    I would also nominate for the most informative pet blog.

  • Pet Lovers Paradise

    I would like to nominate PLP is a social community that not only has member blogs and discussions, but lots of other fun things for folks to do such as posting of photos and videos.

  • Bett Sundermeyer

    For #5, I nominate or (shameless plug of my own blog). ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jansfunnyfarm

    We don’t know as anyone would nominate us, but there must be other blogs such as ours that are not a cat or dog blog, but cat & dog blog. So what about Best Cat & Dog Blog category or Best Pet Blog that includes the mixed cats & dogs blogs. Just a thought.

  • Arwen

    1. Best Dog Blog
    I love the Food Lady and her gang

    2. Best Cat Blog
    What’s better than all kittens, all the time?

    3. Best Pet Blog (non dog or cat)
    Not sure if this is what you mean by this catagory but I love this blog – she writes so vividly about her work and Alaska, it’s like a window into another world.

    4. Best Pet Photography
    Her dog Gyp is possibly one of the most photogenic I’ve ever seen

    5. Best Animal Advocacy Blog
    This is an angry blog, and a bitchy blog, but also very often it says the things that need saying in the horse business, and is willing to stick out necks for horse welfare. There are also reports about auctions and connected rescue efforts.

    6. Most informative pet blog
    I love her detailed posts on clicker training

  • Darci

    I nominate Romeo the Cat ( for best cat blog. Love me some Romeo and Pugsley.

  • http://none Amy/joplin1975

    for the non-dog/cat category: Fugly Horse of the Day

    Normally, I wouldn’t frequent a snark blog about animals, but the snark is mainly directed at the stupid people who own the poor creatures. So it’s all good in my book.

  • Dave

    I nominate the following website for (1) best dog blog, and (2) most informative pet blog:

  • http://none Amy/joplin1975

    One more nomination for the non-dog/cat category: The Daily Coyote

  • hidden exposures

    best cat blog – second the vote for

    i’ll get back to you later on the others, but can we vote for pawcurious for any of them?

  • hidden exposures

    my pick for pet photographer. i reveled in her puppy photos of her great dane kaya who she lost to cancer last year – she was only 2! so sad. ๐Ÿ™ i’ve watched her work on her craft for the past few years and she is really excelling.

  • jmurgs

    Would count as a non-dog/cat blog? If not, I nominate it for photography.

  • Deanna

    I nominate for best dog blog.. and umm for advocacy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kathie

    Hi Dr. V –
    I nominate Dr. Nancy Kay’s blog – for #5 – she’s totally dedicated to helping us become the best medical advocates for our pets. Perhaps this category could be split into two – one for rescue and animal welfare advocacy issues and a second for health and wellness advocacy.