2010 Brodies Finalists are announced!

And it was NOT easy. I was hoping that in each category half of the blogs would be amazing and half would be meh, leaving a neat delineation for the separation of the finalists. That was not the case.

Originally there were four judges, but even that wasn’t enough and I needed to recruit an additional three judges at the last minute to help me figure it out. I hate judging. What was I thinking? You’re all aces in my book.

Speaking of books, Kathie Meier has donated 2 signed copies of Dr. Nancy Kay’s Speaking for Spot to be given away as prizes, which is more impressive than my kind of lackluster “pride in a sense of accomplishment” that is all I have to offer. So thank you.

Voting will be open for one week (subject to change depending on participation and my whims).

(Obamicon picked because it was funny and not because I have one iota of interest in opening a debate on politics in the blog. Consider Brody an independent.)

To vote, click on Brody or click here.

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  • My face after seeing my little blog as a finalist: o.o

    I feel so honored! And excited! I’m honorcited!

  • It’s great to be on this list, especially next to such wonderful blogs!