The Koa Blues

Poor Koa had a rough week. It started with her sad day at doggie daycare. Then, we had a birthday party for my son at the house, and she had to join Brody in my bedroom due to a couple of dog-phobic preschoolers. THEN, as soon as the day wound down we had a little earthquake. It wasn’t her week.

She sits there with such a hangdog look on her face all the time. She is a natural blues song.

I woke up this morning,
Had myself some kibble-
Woke up sore this morning,
Brody tried to quibble.
Don’t know why he gotta jump and bite,
All I want is to eat my kibble!

Looking forward to resting,
This week stunk so bad,
Need a quiet day of rest,
Hated camp and it made me sad.
All day long, I waited for mom
Didn’t like it, no way not a a tad.

I hang my head and look so sad,
Don’t know what I gotta do,
I drop my eyes and wonder why
I got me the old Koa blues.

Bunch of kids started flooding in,
But I know what to do-
When those kids started running in,
I just wag, and lick em too.
Ain’t like that wild pup, crazin’ it up
I just do what I got to do.

But my man, he ruined it all
Got us sent to jail.
That wild child always ruins it all
And my mom denied me bail.
It’s high noon, I’m in the bedroom,
Some kid’s scared of dogs, heard him wail.

I hang my head and look so sad,
Don’t know what I gotta do,
I drop my eyes and wonder why
I got me the old Koa blues.

Party’s over, they bailed me out,
Got a nap to take.
So relieved they bailed me out
Then the ground began to shake.
Through the door, I hear the roar
And my world began to quake.

Can’t find mom, I’m on my own,
So I wedge down in the pantry.
I’m alone, and scared on my own,
Room of food sound good to me.
Yeah I’m fine, but mom took her sweet time
But that food kept me company.

I hang my head and look so sad,
Don’t know what I gotta do,
I drop my eyes and wonder why
I got me the old Koa blues.

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  • Arwen

    Awww, I just want to give her a cuddle now. Poor Koa

  • That entire song is summed up in those huge soulful eyes! What a beauty.

  • Kim

    Awwww poor Koa!

  • Chile

    *belly scratches* for Koa.

    She reminds me a lot of Cookie. I bet in a few months she’ll start coming around.

  • Georgia Jewel

    Awww, poor sweetie!

  • sooooo cute! Look at that face! Loved this!

  • Great post! I can hear Koa singing the blues!

  • Tonya

    Love it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think Koa deserves a mother/dogter day soon! Poor baby!

  • Hope

    She is the picture of grace and ease.

  • Nyr

    Awesome post, Dr. V! My heart flies to Koa, simply irresistible & adorable.

  • Cathey

    Poor Koa – some doggie needs to let her know that she’s found doggie heaven without having to die! after the life she led before she came to you, it’s no wonder she keeps expecting the rug to be dragged out from under her. I know she’ll come around and feel happier – but that kind of life takes time to erase. She’s in the perfect place for that. (As for the dog-phobic preschoolers, shame on their parents for not socializing them as any competent owner does a new puppy!)

  • Liz

    oh but Koa you are so cute!!! I’m sure you hug her all the time, but hug her extra today!

  • Lisa W

    Poor Koa! You should have a Koa-focused party for her so she can sing a happy song next time!

  • I think she’s thinking, “Don’t you KNOW there’s an earthquake coming??” My dog woke me very early one morning, about 10 minutes before the horrible Northridge quake. He definitely sensed it coming as he ran around the patio sniffing the ground. Hugs to Koa who is quite the songwriter!

    • Oh ugh, that was a NASTY quake.

  • Pikachu

    So sad Koa,

  • I’m feeling the urge to break out my harmonica. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gerri

    poor Koa….hope she’s over the doggie blues!