Be the Change: Dog Days of Summer Shelter Shower

I keep changing the name of this Be the Change food drive. Sometimes it’s the Be the Change Food Drive, Shelter Supplies Drive, Give them Something I Don’t Care What Drive. Today it is “Shelter Shower” because I’ve been to something like 4 baby showers this month, and no doggie or kitty showers.

So regardless of the name, here’s the deal:

Between TODAY, July 19th, and July 31st, I’m asking everyone- yes, YOU!- to donate something to a local shelter or rescue. It can be a bag of food, an old towel, a spare nickel from the couch, anything. Of course grander gestures are always welcomed, but the point is, a bunch of tiny little somethings will, when added up, be a not so tiny something.

So you say you want to participate but you’re still not sure how? You’ve come to the right place.

(You have, unfortunately, also come to the right place for poorly rendered stick drawings. I was a biology major, not an art major, ok?)

Step One: Figure out what you want to donate.

Get other people involved. Make it easy for them. Donation boxes at work usually work well.

Tip: Children love to participate. They are also very effective at getting others to help. 🙂

Step Two: Print out a Be the Change Flyer. Either will do.

Step Three: Get a picture or video of your donations, the flyer, and you. Then go donate it.

Step Four: Share your picture on the Be the Change for Pets Facebook wall so we can all be suitably impressed.

Get the word out however you can! The sky’s the limit.

We will be marking our progress as the weeks progress.

As the points get added on the map, we’ll all get to see together how much of a difference we each are contributing to making.

So are you in? Say you’re in. It’ll be easy. See? We are already started:
Be the Change for Pets!

As you can see, Brody is very proud of his participation.

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  • Great idea! I helped spread the word by mentioning it on my blog today. Woof!

  • Count me way in – after this week. I’m already neck deep in helping a group of starved Greys. Does that count?

    • I saw your post today- so glad you are there to lend a hand, poor babies.

  • Liz

    Brody does look very proud!

  • K

    This weekend I donated another $50, two bags of Jumbo Greenies, and a new stuffed toy to Kane over at Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary. Does that count?

  • Megan

    I signed your guestbook. I’m volunteering my time at a local shelter up here in the Chicago suburbs spaying and neutering mostly cats, and giving advice on their exotic pets when they ask for it. 🙂

  • Brody’s so cute! I love his smile 🙂 I have items to donate to a cat rescue and a dog rescue, once I decide which groups to donate to!

  • I just got back from one of the most satisfying mornings spent with barking dogs in a long time – 10 lbs of food for senior dogs delivered while I got a whole lot of love in return. I’ll say it again, meeting everyone at Blog Paws in Ohio has paid dividends in my life.

    • I echo that sentiment! 😀 😀