Special Weekend Edition: Tails from the Clinic

Have you all seen that iphone video online? That one made me laugh. Then I had to go make my own that made me laugh even more (and yes, this is based on an actual conversation I had.)

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  • How awesome! I just made my first one of these earlier!

  • Oh lord, that guy is just… If ever there was a time to facepalm, that would be it.

  • wikith

    Laughed ’til I cried.

  • OMG. This has me in tears. It’s just too funny. 🙂

  • Melissa

    *head-desk* What an idiot…

    Thanks for the laugh… that’s a classic story!

  • I’ll assume you edited this to get a PG rating and left out the final scene where you beat the guy senseless. Oh, you didn’t beat the guy senseless? Well you should have.

  • Kim

    Betcha the guy read something about bugspray on google once. Probably answers.com where you don’t have to find the answer that’s right but the one you want.

  • this is actually frightening…..the true definition of STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the man!!) OMG!

  • Megan

    That… was… awesome…. I’ve had people like that come in before. We make them sign AMA (against medical advice) forms when they leave. I wish there was some kind of stupid tax we could charge people for arguments like this. Doesn’t he know bug spray intoxication is more “shake n’ bake?” (they get tremors and high temperatures from said tremoring with a lot of the common chemicals used in bug spray)

    • He knew, because I told him (repeatedly), but his brain chose not to hear it. He also heard NPO as “queso fresco”.

  • Lisa W

    So funny! And yet so frustrating! Once again I feel the need to 1) pat myself on the back for being a sane pet parent and 2) thank the universe that it has not made me work with the public since my 11 years in retail. I think I would have had to beat the guy senseless, which wouldn’t have helped his poor dog (or maybe it would have) and would have likely landed me in jail. Yikes!

  • Oh my god that is too funny! Where do these people come from? Truth really is stranger than fiction.

  • AHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is awesome!

  • Georgia Jewel

    I forgotI was supposed to eat a wheel of brie during my stomach virus last week. Should I go imported or domestic? Don’t worry, what ever you suggest, I promise to do the exact opposite:)

  • macula_densa




  • Sara

    What’s sad is that this conversation happens just about every day in my hospital in some form or another. It really makes me want to ask, “Well, why the hell did you even bring him in?” Someday I’m going to have to use that line…

  • Deanna

    Wooow, I would’ve punched this guy in the head. What was the point of even bringing his dog to the vet if he ‘knew’ what was wrong, and didn’t want to stop the ‘side effect’ of puking. Ughh, so annoying. I hate people sometimes, lol.

  • OMG – ah, how could you manage more than one of these a week? There must be a cumulative effect – hope you can take lots of holidays! Sounds like some of the give up stories we get at the shelter. When you ask a question twice, you get two different answers! Gotta agree with Meagan about the stupid tax…there must be a way!

  • Tabitha

    AHHHH!!!!! that guy, I could feel my blood pressure raising as I watched his stupidity. GEEEEEEZ. Poor dog.
    Funny video! But nothing tops babrie

  • Pikachu


  • Debbi

    Someone QUICK, steal that poor dog & find a better owner!!

  • Nicole

    Wow. xD Just… woooow.

  • “Well, why the hell did you even bring him in?”

    Because you wouldn’t do the diagnosis over the phone!

  • Dave

    Whoever came up with that xtranormal website is a genius. Too, too funny; and really hammers home the point of what you go through. More please!!!

  • Cathey

    I hope if I EVER do that to my Vet (or any other Dr.) that they punch me full in the face!! I sure hope the dog gets well!!!