Dog Haiku- Vacation Edition

Real camera packed

Can only access iphone

Thus the crappy pics

Calm sapphire blue lake

Belies the impending doom

Hurricane Brody.

Mild mannered ducklings

Scatter, horrified chaos

Red Devil gives chase.

Canoes less preferred

To jumping in and swimming

Thank God for life vests.

So sad for goodbyes

Dogs feeling depressed as well

Ducks are very cheered.

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  • Love it!

  • Lisa W


  • Tonya

    Awwww…I am SO glad you took Brody and Koa! It sounds like the they had so much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Great haikus! I wrote a few of my own here:

    I’m sure Japanese poets are cringing that I had the nerve to call them haikus but i had fun!

  • Amy

    Love those haikus! That’s probably proof of a good vacation – that you can put those together! Takes relaxed focus. I love the camera one – that could be for all kinds of situations.

  • CatieScarlette

    Awesome haiku! (Now tell me, aren’t you REALLY glad you took the 4-legged kids with you? I can tell they had a blast & I bet you guys did, too!)