Sob Story: a Pet Doctor Barbie Production

Jessie: Wow, guys, I think we really hit the jackpot this time! We’re owned by a beautiful little girl now! Will you look at this place?


Buzz: It appears satisfactory. I am going to investigate the rest of the premises.


Toys: Hooray! New toys!


Dr. Barbie: Hello. Welcome to paradise. I’m Doctor Barbie, but you can call me Doc. My job is to keep everyone happy. Let me show you around. If you need anything at all, just let me know.


Dr. Barbie: As you can see, we have every amenity you can dream of. The little girl is very kind to her toys. This will be your bedroom.


Dr. Barbie: We have afternoon tea every day in the foyer. Can Michelle here get you some Earl Grey?


Jessie: That would be- Oh my BISCUITS! Are you OK??


Dr. Barbie: MICHELLE! Ah ha ha- she’s just very excitable, don’t you worry. I’m a doctor, I’ve got it.


Jessie: Um, can you direct me to the powder room?


Jessie: psst! Buzz? You in here? Something weird is going on! This toy’s head just fell off!


Buzz: I’m here. I have acquired some intelligence vital to our mission. Come with me.


Buzz: I met Taffy out in the backyard. She revealed some insider intel about this assignment.


Taffy: The little girl who lives here is very sweet. But there is also a terrible monster roaming the halls, and Doc just keeps throwing us to the beast. Pet Doctor Barbie here is the leader of the resistance.


Pet Doctor Barbie: The monster has attacked and maimed countless innocent toys. His appetite for plastic is insatiable.


Hamm: This is a travesty! Why hasn’t Doc done anything for these toys?


Pet Doctor Barbie: Doctor Barbie tries to fix them up, but there’s only so much she can do. Not that she’s tried to stop the monster herself- that might mess up her hair. “You go try and work with him!” she said to me. “You’re the Pet Doctor!”


Pet Doctor Barbie: I tried to tame the beast, but he was beyond reach. He did this to me when I offered him a liver treat.


Pet Doctor Barbie: And now, I, too, live on the outskirts, trying to make do and avoid the beast.

Jessie: I think we need to try and help these toys, Bullseye! Bullseye? What’s wrong? ….




Jessie: Let’s get outta here!


With everyone’s help, the maimed toys were able to escape to the house next door, with a quiet, well behaved 4 year old whose only pet was a guinea pig. The monster, alas, still skulks in the shadows, and the remaining toys remain living in fear.

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  • Wade

    Oh gosh that one was brilliant! Thanks for making me laugh Doctor V, I had no idea the Goldenbeast was such a monster ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Too Cute!

  • Tonya

    The picture of Brody eyeing the toys is priceless! Great story! The Goldenbeast is certainly living up to the “beast” part of his name!

  • i was laughing so hard my husband came over and i filled him in. he said “oh WOW…” and that picture of Brody and his tongue sticking out a little was perfect!

  • It’s like you were right here, living in my house, when we brought Tucker home three years ago. Holy crap, I am falling over with laughter here.

  • Shannon

    Love this. LOVE!

  • That’s great! ROTFWL! (but also sad..poor mermaid with her tail and arms gnawed off) I feel so lucky to have Finn, the only things he has damaged were a couple of shoes/slippers and my boot jack.

  • Check out my blog for photos from the Dog party this weekend, we had a great time!

  • Liz

    Oh but he’s so cute!!!! At least he sticks to toys….my cat claws holes in the walls (don’t ask….I’ve gotten very good at filling/sanding/painting)

  • lawgeekgurl

    I love that Brody appears to be licking his chops in Frame 19. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melissa

    LOL! I needed a Pet Doctor Barbie segment ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lol! I think you could have a back-up career as a TV script writer.

    Viva la resistance!

  • Pikachu

    Too funny , the doll sitting on the toilet was hilarious, OMG the whole story was so cute