Tails from the Vet Clinic: Paging Dr. Groomer

I can provide witnesses to this exchange.

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  • wikith

    Mmmm, I love it when I recommend a dental cleaning and they say the groomer just did it. I must be trying to rip them off, suggesting a dental cleaning when it was just done! Explanations of the difference between brushing teeth and seeing a dentist are lost. I wonder if these people ask their hair stylists what is going on with their skin.

  • Tonya

    Seriously?!?! I know from experience with my own “Stinky” that the antibiotic is usually much less expensive than a grooming appointment. So the “can’t afford it because we have a grooming appointment today” makes no sense…on top of the fact that treating the infection solves the problem. Ugh! Poor Stinky!

  • We never found out how much medical information they receive in groomer school .. so you never know! Crazy stuff.

  • Rose D.

    Poor Stinky! People are unbelievable…

  • Being a Bulldog owner and hearing this really bothers me. I know people say this about a lot of stuff but there should really be a class before you are allowed to get a Bulldog. I remember when I told my vet I wanted a Bulldog and she said make sure you have 10,000 in the bank to pay for medical.

  • Pauses4paws

    Are you KIDDING ME?…oh no, you said you have witnesses…you’re not kidding…..oh dear…..The groomer likely costs much more than an antibiotic—poor pup! Hang in their Dr. V, maybe Stinky’s owner is rare!

  • Poor Stinky! Poor you!

  • Lisa W

    Poor Stinky! Can we not figure out a way to make people take an animal intelligence test before they adopt a dog/cat/whatever?! Sigh….

  • Lauren

    Wow…just wow. And side note, why would you put a baby wipe on a sunburn. Put Aloe and/or a cold compress. You should have to take a test to own a pet. Amazing.

  • It’s not the cost, it’s the effort. Putting meds on requires the owner actually touch the icky stinky dog 3-4 times a day. Much easier to drop the dog off at the groomers once a week.

  • Cathey

    Some people are SUCH idiots! I think we should give the owner a skin infection and then treat it with baby wipes and a weekly haircut! I’m sure that would work well for them, too! AAARRRGGG!!!

  • And this is my cue to go hide in a corner and curse humanity.

  • crazyweinerdoglady

    palm to face *thump*

  • Sarah

    I think I would explode if I had to deal with this kind of mindset!

  • regina sanchez

    Im glad Ive raised Lhasas and GreatDanes but I have the common sense to know when to go to the vet.Alot of goomers will tell you if they think something is wrong but Ive also learned its good to follow your own instints when it comes to my dogs.Sure hope this pet owner gets the poordog to the vet

  • Ivy

    Seems like someone needs to have a talk with the groomer to not dispense “medical advice” so willy-nilly… especially if they see that this dog has a skin issue week after week.

  • Melissa

    Here’s your sign…

  • You can’t fix stupid!

  • Should I laugh? Or cry?

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  • Leigh

    I’m laughing, but only because I can relate. ::hugs::

  • The sad part is they probably think you are trying to rip them off but in reality it sounds like the groomer is making out like a bandit with those weekly baths! Cha Ching! Poor poor Stinky.

  • Why did this person come to you in the first place? Sounds like they value the opinion of the groomer over a vet that has years of medical training.

  • *sigh* people.