The Koa Chronicles: calorie counting in the cyber age

Koa lost another half pound this week! This despite a suspect goldfish cracker ingestion (no witnesses, suspects are still at large.)

I started her on the Nulo kibble exclusively, but I do feel pretty badly that she is getting that alone while Brody gets chicken parfaits and all sorts of smellier vittles. Fortunately Nulo does have canned food as well, so I’m going to take advantage of their webtools to figure out how much of that she can get a day and work that in to her calorie ration for the next month.

Kekoa says, yes, please to canned food. All canned if you would be so kind. (Nice try, Kekoa.)


And rotate my protein sources, please. I know I was used to all chicken all the time before coming to live with you but I’ve adapted pretty well to this rotating thing. As long as there is no duck involved.


And voila! The menu. It even has dessert. Koa is like the Valerie Bertinelli of the dog set here with her online diet tools.


I don’t know why, but a lot of people think canned food doesn’t have a place in a weight loss program. It’s an odd assumption- calories are calories no matter whether there is water or not, right? I would think it’s actually easier to overeat a dry, dense kibble than a wet food with water added to it. Additionally, canned foods tend to be less carb-heavy than kibbles so they can be good choice for managing glycemic index in dogs and cats.

I’m also going to give Brody a crack at the Nulo (since he inhaled it during our trip anyway, as I mentioned before). Let’s see how it keeps up with a crazed out 1 year old lanky retriever pup!

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  • Georgia Jewel

    Does Koa not like duck or does it upset her tummy? Just curious.

    • Megan

      If I remember correctly, it’s because duck helps her to drop some pretty impressive “stink bombs” if you get my drift.

  • Chris

    Your very courageous for reading that letter Mike made you read, it really illustrates the point.

  • Great post and great to include the Nulo tools for everyone to see, too.

    See my post for today about Disco (not his weekly Nulo post, so there’s other stuff to sift thru…

  • Go, Koa, go! This talk about her dieting makes me remember I need to get my own butt in shape – if only I didn’t have opposable thumbs to open ice cream containers!

  • I had to leave Blogpaws early so missed the awards ceremony. Congratulations on your win!

    Those meal planning tools are pretty cool. I have some pet clients that should be checking those out! ๐Ÿ™‚