The Pawcurean Presents: Peach Gobblers

It’s been a heavy sort of week. Lots of seriousness and such in these parts. And though I have perhaps just a little more I should be saying, I’ll wait until next week because I think everyone could use some frivolity to lead into the weekend, yes?

I had a large box of produce I needed to use up this week, including a big handful of some truly delectable looking peaches. I had an epic fail earlier in the week with my Pawcurean Beety Treaties which failed to convince both humans and dogs that they were edible- back to the drawing board on that one! No matter. Peaches are a lot easier to work with than the much maligned beet.

peach gobbler

Aren’t they delectable looking? It was only out of a sense of duty that I made anything at all with them, as opposed to just eating them as is (also a viable choice. Yum!)


The goal was to make a cobbler good enough for us to gobble up, but also safe enough for a well behaved dog to get to share a bite or two as well. I started with this Healthy Peach Cobbler recipe, which is pretty straightforward in terms of ingredients. I cut the honey in half and it was still plenty sweet.

I only made a half recipe since that was all the peaches I had on hand, so instead of a big baking dish they wound up in little miniature springform pans. Another wedding gift I am just getting around to using a decade later. I have no idea why I registered for these things in the first place, but they sure are cute.


After baking, you end up with a really delightful little peach tart.


Who you calling a tart? asks the apple.


I think this was my husband’s attempt at artistic food photography. We both agreed the sunflower was a bit much.


I have to say I don’t care for the way that sunflower is eyeing my tart.

There was a lot of fighting over this one. Brody got about a quarter gobbler so as to avoid a major sugar rush, leaving the remaining 3/4 for the kids to fight over like hyaenas. While they were distracted, I hid the second gobbler for after they went to bed. (There were no such maneuvers required for the Beety Treaties.)

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  • ha ha! love the captions. yeah, no beets for me but i’d be hard pressed to share anything with fresh peaches with anyone. sadly where i am peach season is pretty much over. ๐Ÿ™

  • Tamara

    Can I come to your house for dinner? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Sure, but the peach gobbler’s all gone and all I have left are the Beety Treaties.

  • Mommy has a visceral reaction to beets – yuck! But we BOTH love peaches! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lin

    My husband likes beets, but the only way I can stand them are in borscht or a chilled beet-buttermilk soup (sounds awful, but is really refreshing on a hot humid day).
    I like making smoothies with super-ripe peaches. You slice them in hunks, freeze them, then blend them with yogurt and a little bit of milk. Don’t even need sugar (okay, maybe a little, if you really have sweet toothers in the family). And the pup gets to lick out the blender before it goes in the dishwasher.