On Safari: Famine

It takes all kinds of creatures to maintain homeostasis in a stable ecosystem. On the savannah, the laboceros and the goldenbeast have achieved an uneasy tolerance.


Despite limited resources, the denizens of the plains have managed to carve out their own niche, and peace is maintained.


The laboceros is a pacifist. A grazing vegetarian, she trusts in her bulk, as opposed to her ferocity, to save her.


It has been a long and dry summer on the savannah. As the lingering days of summer shorten into the arid, barren autumn, the Goldenbeast finds his normal prey of small beasties in short supply.


From the shadows of the golden sunset, he waits. And considers.


Hungry and lean, he makes his decision.


The prey animal has a keen survival instinct. What is this she senses skulking in the bush?


Caught red handed! The Goldenbeast has to think quickly. Walk away, or attack?


Just a nibble? he asks hopefully.


Or how about an ear? You’ll barely miss it. She is uncowed.


Perhaps a mighty roar will strike terror into her heart, paralyzing the laboceros so he can messily devour her.


She responds in kind. The Goldenbeast will have to go hungry today, it seems.


Both memories and grudges are short-lived on the savannah, fortunately. Having forgiven the Goldenbeast for his transgression, the Laboceros and the Beast are soon friends again. At least until the next mealtime.

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  • Wade

    What adorable doggies! Thank you for the great photos and stories!

  • Tonya

    Love!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much for this awesome start to a Friday morning.

  • loved my trip to the “safari” and learning about the new “beasts”, “National Geographic” has nothin’ on you!

  • Laboceros for the win!

    Yay for reasons to laugh on a Friday!

  • Chile

    heh heh “just a nibble” lol!

    That looks like a scene of the Rottiesauras too. Cookie always wanted just a little toe nibble on her big brother.

  • Amy

    Looking good there Laboceros! While you may be a grasing vegetarian who relies on your bulk, your bulk is decreasing. Better practice showing those wonderful teeth a little more.

  • Kim

    I love the “on safari” posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Great way to start my Friday morning with a bunch of cuties!

  • Pat

    Those are some cute dogs. I have some cute pics of my dogs modeling at http://www.snoopyspets.com. They are modeling the gear i sell. Thanks

  • I love these posts – and your pics are amazing!

  • snowy

    I’m a goldenbeast “partisan” – there’s one snoring beside me right now – but in these pics your lab looks really beautiful. Great photos and fun stuff!

  • I’m still laughing… great post!

  • TaxiLab

    Hahahaha!!! I have a Corssettasaurus – he’s a corgi/bassett mix – had to make him sound designer ๐Ÿ˜‰ – that loves to nibble on my Laboceros. Looks like he’s gnawing on a chicken bone. Dogs Rule!

  • JaneK

    love all the shots but especially the 7th one down where “Goldenbeast” looks to be saying…..”who me? I’m not biting your leg…..I just lost my contact…….”

    thanks for the smiles

  • Love these Wild Kingdom type of posts – too funny!

    Laboceros is lookin’ good, slimmed down for sure. Speaking of Laboceros, where is her collar from? I love the color and the woven texture.