Weekly Weigh-In

Koa held steady this week at 75 pounds. I’m just happy she didn’t gain weight in her inactive state.

This morning, she chased Brody around the yard for a good 5 minutes after their morning ablutions, which is pretty much unheard of for her. In addition to her recovery, I wonder if her sarcoma was causing her some discomfort that is now alleviated.

I took her staples out on Sunday, so I no longer have to see her and think Frankenpup, which is good since it made me feel guilty every time. Hopefully all those essential fatty acids in her Nulo food will help in her skin repair and hair regrowth. So far her incision looks perfect so we should be well on the road to recovery there.

I’m so glad her weight loss and recovery are progressing as well as they are, since I need her in tip top shape for her Costume Reveal on Monday. Fortunately her costume covers the huge shaved spot!

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  • Tonya

    I hope not only the incision is healing well but the reason for the incision is not still causing a problem. I hope, at some point, to hear positive news about that. In the meantime, go Koa! It makes me happy to hear that she romped around the yard with Brody! She must be feeling better.

  • Weigh-to-go, Koa!

    Minnie and Mack

  • i also echo Tonya’s comment–and I’m so glad to hear that she had a little chase-about with the Brodes in the yard1 always glad to hear about a happy pup enjoying their time outside… big treats and hugs to the furry cuties!