Can see this coming from a mile away

Tonight I attended an orientation for new Girl Scout troop leaders. I thought it would involve some construction paper ideas, handing me a pile of beanies and wishing me luck.

Oh no. Oh NO. Starting a Girl Scout troop is like applying to vet school. There’s reference checks, medical histories, asking for when I got my last tetanus shot…it’s nuts.

And the cookies. Oh, the cookies. Mandatory cookie training is December 11th. I’ll let that sink in: mandatory cookie training. What have I gotten myself into?

The co-leader and I are both grimacing at this particular responsibility. She sent an e-mail out to the other moms asking if someone would be the Cookie Mom, but so far no one has bitten.

“I’ll do it if I absolutely have to,” I said, “but I really think it would be a recipe for disaster.” The thought of Brody alone in a house full of 500 boxes of Thin Mints strikes terror into my heart.

As a reminder, this was my daughter’s birthday, 2009:

When I got home from the meeting, I found that Brody had removed an entire bunch of bananas from the counter, peeled them individually, and eaten them, leaving nothing but one solid pile of banana peels on the floor. I cleared absolutely everything off the counter that I deemed to be at risk, so now he’s moved on to peeling bananas.

DEFINITELY Not It for Cookie Mom.

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  • When Mommy was little, her dog opened the kitchen cabinets and mixed together a whole bunch of olive oil and flour – best guess is he was interrupted before he completed his pizza dough!

  • Lisa W

    I SOOOO <3 Brody! Peeling bananas — that is hilarious! Luckily for me, Sophie's too short to countersurf and Oscar's too goofy (so far), although he is more than tall enough!

  • Just thinking of all those cookies is making me get all dreamy eyed and slightly drooly.

  • Tonya

    That is too funny about Brody’s banana fix (although it probably wasn’t to you at the time)! So, you’re raising a little health nut there? Question for the doctor in you – how many bananas are too many for a dog? Clyde eats them in his kong too, but he’s never eaten a whole banana in one sitting.

  • Cathey

    Too funny! You try and you try, but there is always SOMETHING edible that is within the reach of a golden! My Lizzie loves bananas too & won’t leave me alone when I eat one. Our first cocker could smell them in the bag when I came home with them. They seem to be a family favorite for many!!

  • Heather

    my labrador that I had as a child used to love bananas too. she’d go crazy if she saw you eating a banana.

  • Hope

    Monkey dog!

  • Robin R

    LOL, My Scout loves bananas too… but I’m pretty sure he’d just eat the peel and all if he got ahold of a bunch.

  • a

    i feel like i should warn you…

    when i was a girl scout (not that long ago) my mom was cookie mom…it was awesome…and not so awesome. all the cookies came to our house, and people picked them up from there, at the end, whatever was left over, gs didn’t want them back…we had cases of cookies…we ate some, froze some, made some into ice cream and then, well the chickens ate the shortbreads because WE COULDN’T GET RID OF THEM.

    good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰

    on another note, my large black golden retriever/lab cross also “counter surfs” his most famous trick is pulling down glass pyrex off the counter (without breaking it) eating the contents and then pushing the pyrex into a corner…hoping we won’t see it…

  • Spyder

    LOL! Well his stools should be nice & firm.

  • Karen

    Ooooh, good luck with the Girl Scouts. I was a cookie mom for about 7 years, it’s a LOT of work (oddly enough, though, I kind of missed it when my daughter quit Scouts). And you’re right, 500 boxes of GS cookies + 1 Goldenbeast= NOT GOOD!

  • The thought of ME alone in a house with 500 boxes of thin mints strikes terror…

  • Good luck with the girl scout thing, I was a troop leader when my daughter was young too. Mainly I remember always collecting lots of odds and ends for crafts. So funny about the bananas! My friend’s Great Dane ate an avocado and tomato off the counter–trying to make guacamole?

  • Kim

    Hah! My mom had thought she removed all cat contraband from the counter (turkey, gravy, etc) one Thanksgiving. She didn’t think to remove the pumpkin pie. Geesh mom, everyone knows that cats LOVE pumpkin! :p

    Maybe send a picture of that cake as to why you don’t want to be Cookie Mom. Maybe it’ll be a ransom-type threat to all the other moms. “Remove the cookies from my responsibility and no one will get hurt.”

  • Dana

    Well, can you blame the guy for leaving a pile of peels — they do taste quite foul. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hahaha, that’s fantastic, he’s got some skills. My dog would have just eaten the whole banana, peel and all. That’s how she rolls.

    I was a Girl Guide leader from age 11 to age 23. If you need any construction paper ideas, just let me know. But you’re out of luck on the cookies. Oddly, I always seemed to get sick that time of year.

  • Wow, the Girl Scounts have gone militant since we were children. My step-mom was a troop leader and I’m pretty sure she just did what she wanted (including taking us off the grid camping) when she wanted and I’d bet $10 she didn’t go to cookie training.

  • Vanesha

    LMAO!! I love that he peeled them. Next he’ll be swinging though the trees in your garden and throwing things at passerbys

  • TaxiLab

    Way to go Brody…so resourceful! We share the bananas here at my house. Moose, the oldest and allergic to lots of stuff, gets the most ๐Ÿ˜€

  • This post made my night for oh, SEVERAL reasons. At first I thought you were joking about the peeling of bananas. Then I realized who we’re dealing with here.

    Definitely not a good idea for you to be the Cookie Momster.

  • I’m so thankful Mellan can’t jump and only hops a bit… I’m still absolutely amazed that when we had him sleeping in the kitchen (at least a 1+ years), he never nosed open the trash. It was totally in range. He practically slept right next to it in his bed…

    Brody is quite talented!