Down to the wire: This experience in interpretive blogging


more info on brody at

Really tired



A little dazed

Say what??

Did I mention tired?


But oh so happy.


We are SOOO CLOSE! $318 to last year’s goal!


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  • Tamara

    OH, please don’t hurt him! I donated earlier, but COME ON people, open your wallets if you haven’t already. We’re so close 🙂

  • Tonya

    YAY! Love seeing those pups! Hang in there, Dr. V! You are doing a great job!

  • OK OK I donated!! Please don’t hurt the puppy!! LOL

  • Tricia & LilyPup

    If the puppy gets it, it won’t be on me. Save the puppy!

  • So glad this has been a success! Our grand prize comes up in 20 minutes, if you could tweet it, that would be appreciated! Coming into the final stretch here!

  • I donated! C’mon people, we can do it!

  • FABULOUS! Hurry everydoggie! Donate

  • Thanks so much for the fun!

  • BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thank you guys so much!!!! I can’t wait until Bradyn is bigger and will really understand what it means to have so many people caring about his story and helping him! Okay…. Well… I CAN wait for him to get bigger but you know what I mean!