Giveaway: Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Kisses

And the lucky winner chosen by is Dana and her lucky pup Gucci! Congratulations!

Have you ever tried those freeze dried apple thingies they have at Costco?

They don’t look like much, I’ll give them that. When my friend pressed them into my hand with the confidence of one who was introducing me to the wonders of crack, I wasn’t too impressed. “Why are you giving me astronaut food?” I asked her, proud of my impromptu 80’s reference.

So not appetizing (yet strangely alluring. I still want to try it.)

Then I tried the apples, and just like that, boom, an addict was born. Brothers brand, Funky Monkey cinnamon banana chips- I can’t get enough of the stuff. Without all that pesky water to distract you, freeze dried food is just distilled essence of yum.

The same can be said for dog treat, I would imagine. Sorry, but I’m not chopping up fresh liver to dole out as treats any time soon, but freeze dried liver bits I can handle. They are Brody’s kryptonite. For a dog whose standard “stay” lasts 20 seconds tops, I’ve timed him at 2 minutes if a freeze dried treat is at stake.

We were given a sample of Stella and Chewy’s Carnivore Kisses Bison treats to try, and what can I say? Dog crack. From the moment he figured out where I was keeping him, I’d catch Brody in the pantry, furtively eyeing the stepladder trying to deduce in his hairy head just how the heck he was going to get it unfolded so he could reach them.

These are raw treats, but they process the treats using a high pressure system to eliminate pathogens. Ingredients: Bison. Carnivore Kisses also come in turkey liver, duck, beef, and chicken.

I have in hand one 2.25 ounce container of Bison Carnivore Kisses to share the love with your pooch. To enter, simply comment below with what your pet is thankful for this year. I’ll pick a winner at random Wednesday Nov 24, noon PST. (US/Canada only)

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  • I wish we could use the bison, but I may have to get some of the duck for our girls. I’m always on the lookout for Kaylee-safe treats!

  • Kelly

    Gunther is thankful for Phycox! It really helps his knee with the torn ACL. Ricky Bobby is thankful for anything – seriously. I recently made venison jerky treats for them and they love it! I know the bison would be a big hit!

  • Aww, my friend just got a new pooch and I would LOVE to include these in the Welcome Home Happy Adoption package I am putting together for him….

  • Henry is thankful for Camp Bow Wow – he loves getting to race around all day once in a while!

  • I would bet that my Roxie is thankful I adopted her from the shelter. I know I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dana

    My boxergirl Gucci is thankful for pink collars and bandannas which help make sure no one refers to her as a “he” ever again.

  • Frankie doesn’t know it but he’s thankful that I just spent the morning on the phone trying to get his supply of the no longer distributed Vetsulin — which will now be the Canadian version, Caninsulin — replenished. He loves Carnivore Kisses but what with his medication costs I can’t afford them all that often (I know, random, but hey, maybe the random machine can be fiddled with).

  • Honey is thankful she’s a dog. And she’s thankful she’s not diabetic. Honey’s not sure her mom would take as good care of her as Edie does of Frankie (see above).

  • Megan

    Coming from puppy mills (well, 3/4 who live in the house right now), I’m sure all my (and my parents’) dogs are happy for warm beds, laps, and regular meals every day.

    Might I also digress to say that astronaut ice cream is AWESOME (one of my favorite childhood treats) and I do also enjoy freeze dried fruit. Freeze dried treats are not just crack for dogs (yes, I’ll admit I’ve tasted freeze dried cheddar cheese treats from petco – they taste like cheezits! yum!), but kitties also get in on the freeze dried love. I know cats who will go bonkers for freeze dried chicken (does anyone make freeze dried tuna for cats? dunno). I think they’re a great way to offer a wholesome treat in a small morsel, and you can pick the type based on your pet’s allergies too if they have them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Is it weird that I am totally envious you’ve gotten to try astronaut ice cream? I remember BEGGING my mom to buy me one on a field trip to the air and space museum. She wouldn’t. Obviously I am still bitter.

    • Hope

      Honest Kitchen recently sent me a free package of Wishes, dehydrated haddock treats. They are super fishy smelling! Much to my surprise the cats and dog were mostly just perplexed. Maybe your kitties would enjoy them.

    • Christian Kay

      I saw freeze dried shrimp and freeze dried salmon in the kitty aisle at Petsmart!

      • Do not buy the freeze dried salmon. It’s like kitty crack at our house and we’ll be buying it for the rest of their natural lives now. Save your budget…avoid, avoid, avoid.

        Unless, of course, you are powerless in the face of cat beauty, like us. If so, spend away.

        P.S. – Since Stella & Chewy’s are simply meat with no fillers, their treats make excellent cat treats, too. Just ask my cats ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nancy

    Our sweeties are grateful for a warm home, good food, lots of love, and each other -they are best friends. (They were formerly strays who adopted us when we lived overseas, and of course, came home with us!)

  • Jen L-N

    My dog P-chan is very thankful to have a fun foster kitten to play with!

  • Erica

    I think Audrey is thankful for having someone she knew adopt and take her in when her previous owner couldn’t take her with him. Not going to the pound, where she probably would have been put down because of her age (she’s about 10), is something I’m thankful for too.

  • Tucker is thankful that we adopted Liam, a kitty who actually loves him (as opposed to our older three, who, um, don’t). And Liam is thankful that Tucker will play tag with him all day long :-).

  • Miranda

    Junior is thankful his mom bought him a laser pointer and that she puts up with his OCD-ness about the darn thing and goes out with him as soon as she gets home EVERY NIGHT to let him chase it around the yard ” )

  • Amanda

    Punk is thankful for his big yard of holes dug and the bed he gets to sleep in!

  • I’m pretty sure Shiva is thankful my husband will be home from his two-week business trip tomorrow night. He’s a much better tugging partner than I am.

  • Fred my bloodhound is thankful that his dear mommy (thats me) has bought him another dog bed even though he chewed up the previous one! We got one with a chew return policy this time ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lisa

    Hank is thankful that his younger, human brother if finally big enough to wrestle with, and that said human seems to thrive on doggie kisses ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Carla

    Tino is thankful for his walks, hikes, SUP (standup paddle boarding) and homemade yummy bones all from his mommy…me.

  • Kaleigh (airedale Terrier) is grateful for all things edible! Even though we differ on what constitutes “edible”, she’s not fussy! She’s also grateful for squirrels, tennis balls, agility tunnels, SWIMMING, damp washclothes that need to rescued from the edge of the tub, piles of clean, folded laundry that is oh-so-comfy to relax on! She’s also grateful each morning when we finally get out of her bed and she’s able to rearrange all of the pillows and the bedding. She’s just a great girl!

  • rebeccajs

    Riley is thankful that she is still allowed to have her nightly snuggle time with me on the brand new sofa.

  • Christine Ewalt

    My yorkie Scooter is thankful for his family and that we rescued him from a life of we don’t know what, but have a general idea. Here in MO, puppy mills are rampant. Scooter was a “breeder reject” because he is not a “perfect” yorkie, but he is the cutest yorkie I have ever seen and we get comments on him everywhere we go. When people find out he was a “reject” they are astonished because he is so happy and friendly.

    I love my rescued pup.

  • Susan Hughes

    Kian is always thankful for food—any food!!

  • Debbie G

    My newest puppy, Sam, is thankful that I fostered him and officially adopted him from a local animal shelter. He is thankful for an older ‘brother’ Ziggy and older ‘sister’ Lexi. He is thankful for a warm, comfy place to sleep, good food, good toys, and good friends.

  • Jeanne

    Chase is grateful that all the other dogs in his agility class are girls and that he’s gotten to keep his manhood as long as he has (don’t tell him but all that changes on Monday).

  • Jean

    Kodi is thankful he isn’t confined to a pen and leash following elbow surgery, this year like he was last year. He is also thankful that he has a lot of toys to play with!

  • Shannon Baas

    We have a rescue dog and she is thankful for a good home.

  • lin

    Pup is thankful for carprofen, which has enabled her to get back up on the couch (and get back down again), which she hasn’t been able to do for a year. She is also thankful for all the people who are messy around our local picnic tables.
    Mr. Kitty isn’t thankful for much since he consider’s all good things his just due, but he is thankful for gullible neighbors next door who provide second dinners and elevenses.

  • Lisa Feller

    I am sure our boy Dexter is thankful for being rescued and having that 1″ chain removed from around his raw neck!

  • Hope

    As Gus just had his 6 lower incisors extracted yesterday, he is thankful for tramadol! And he would love to nibble on some yummy bison treats once his mouth is all healed up.

  • My Cardi Bug is thankful he has finally finished up physical therapy and can return to herding before it snows. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Layla is thankful that we discovered her love of tennis balls!

  • Jamie

    Akira is thankful that we go on vacation, or take a few long weekends a year, but that means she gets to go to PetsHotel and Doggie Day Camp, which she LOOOOOOOOOOVES!!!!

  • Becky

    Winston the Beagle is thankful for Stella and Chewy Raw Food (which helps him to be less of a picky eater), and his favorite stuffed bunny that he loves to beat up daily.

  • Chile

    Cookiegirl is thankful that her momma lets her sleep on the bed with her at night because otherwise it would be very cold on the floor all night long.

  • Tassia

    Oh man, astronaut ice cream. I get that every time I shop at ThinkGeek, or go to the Science centre in Vancouver. It’s odd, but strangely delicious. I like the vanilla the most.

    Let’s see, what are my puppies thankful for…

    Well, Chewy is thankful for her new 24-7 playmate. She’s having so much fun with her little sister.

    Q is thankful for her family. We feed her, love her, give her all kinds of tasty treats, and she’s got all the ‘little puppies’ (read: cats) around to groom and cuddle!

  • Prudence is thankful that we’ve finally seemed to gotten a handle on the ninja fleas and that I’ve recently discovered our grocery store carried ground bison meat. She loves her new bison burgers.

  • Christian Kay

    We JUST found Stella & Chewy’s food less than a month ago and Cooper loves it! This is a dog that has been fed a people food only diet for the last 3 years due to being sickened (and his brother dieing) by the Menu Pet Food Recall. So the fact that he LOVES it and it’s a dog food, is incredible! I feel so much safer with Stella & Chewy’s because they test each batch for salmonella and e coli BEFORE it hits the shelf. I love that! Cooper would love to try some treats!

    Cooper is thankful for the fact that he fell down 6 wooden stairs and proceeded to do another 3 somersaults when he hit the ground, yet he didn’t break anything! On a little tramadol, but I would say he is thankful for living through it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Buster, Ty, Rod and I are thankful we got to spend 6 months traveling around the US and Canada this year!

  • Rhonda

    My husband says my dogs are thankful for me because I spoil them like crazy. Who me? I think they are thankful for a home, food, a warm place to sleep, and all the love we give them. Never tried these treats before so would LOVE to win them.

  • Brenda Klingler

    My six rescued dogs are thankful that they are no longer: starving, abandoned, abused, scheduled to die, or living in a puppymill. My kids love Stella and Chewy’s food, and would love to try their treats.

  • Georgia Jewel

    Shorty the Labgi is thankful that Mommy cleaned up that bottle of black shoe polish he chewed open on the beige carpet.

  • Angela

    Hailey is thankful we rescued her! She went through two homes before us who dumped her blaiming her problems on inability to train her when in fact she had bladder stones causing her pain. Now she is the perfect dog and has even earned her Canine Good Citizen title!

  • Esther

    Moose is thankful for his kong stuffed full of deliciousness since he can’t do anything fun while recovering for his gastropexy. Maybe bison treats will appease his desire to tackle me for preventing him from doing anything fun.

  • Lauren

    Tucker is thankful for his friends at the dog park. He has a little group of buds that he’s been playing with ever since we first started going. Foxy, Libby, Trouble, Barron, Jackson, Lucy and Luna are always happy to see him. And I’m thankful for their pet parents, bc even though he’s about 2 pounds over the limit now for the park no one minds.

    Also, you can find Astronaut Ice Cream here on

  • WIlbur was stray for the first year of his life. He lived under bushes, as near as we could tell when we got him (anytime we let him out, he’d go hang out under a bush, with no expectation that he’d be let back in…..).

    Now, when the weather is cold, he will run around the house like a mad thing when he comes in. (and he is 12 ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    He says — getting to come in the house any time he wants makes him joyful. ๐Ÿ™‚

    He says — food also makes him joyful, but it doesn’t last as long…….

  • Jane Accardo

    Hound and Bandit are thankful for their forever home after being abandoned and most of all for the care and love from their vet and her staff. Hound at 14.5 yrs is finally painfree and enjoying whatever remaining days.

  • crystle tellerday

    id love for my pug to try these

  • Tara

    Elli’s thankful to finally have a loving, permanent, home and family (and I’m thankful to have her). And I know she’s thankful for all the wonderfully delicious (yet healthy!) treats she gets – like Stelly & Chewys! And momma’s straining wallet would love to get some for free ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I just checked and I read cats can eat these, too! We eat a raw food diet, and our favorite is freeze-dried chicken liver, so we would love these. Harley and I are both grateful we have a happy Forever home. We wish every cat and dog would have their very own home.

  • Tonya

    We’ve tried the duck flavor (well, Clyde tried them), and they were a big hit! Clyde and Alley are both thankful for finding their forever home after living in shelters. Clyde (dog) is thankful for sleeping in the bedroom on a big, plush dog bed. He knows all dogs don’t get to do this. Alley (cat) is thankful for her Sunbeam electric warming throw that she sets up camp on from October through April!

  • Sharon

    He is thankful for the constant companionship of my sweet daughter.

  • 409cope

    My little dog Toni is thankful for her heart medication that she just received for her enlarged heart.

  • Amina

    My little Khalil is thankful for a loving family, tasty/quality food, and his ability to explore and roam freely. He’d be even more thankful if he won these treats ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Audrey M

    I believe that my little babys are thankful for their warm bed (actually mine) and the nice food they recieve ๐Ÿ™‚

  • my Ginger is thankful we rescued her from a shelter this year after being in an abusive household.

  • Tigs is happy for all the squirrels in the neighborhood ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sherry Eckman

    I know my 2 labs “Lucky” and “Cash” are not only thankful for their family, but thankful for each other..{They are littermates/brothers}It is so amazing how they take the time to groom one another!

  • DJ

    Being a volunteer at a shelter and knowing how many animals do not make it out alive, I’m grateful my pets were cared for by staff & volunteers so I could adopt them. I think my furry girls (a black cat and a 3-legged cat) are grateful they’re they were adopted into a loving home where they will never want for anything (except maybe more treats).

  • Teegan Briggs

    I’m sure that our dog is thankful to have been adopted into our family through a rescue ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Finn is thankful we decided we needed some woof in our life. If we hadn’t said yes when we got the call from the rescue, he would have been put down that night. Since that day WE are the ones who are thankful! We love our silly, sweet, huge boy and can’t imagine how we survived all those years without a dog.

    As for those dried apple and banana chips..I’m addicted too! Plus love dried apricots and mango. Finn would love to try the freeze dried treats.

  • Paige Morales

    My Pups would love this

  • Steph B

    My dog is thankful for his new home – he came to us this year! (Well, I hope he’s thankful – he doesn’t complain much as long as there’s food!)

  • Elizabeth

    Daisy is thankful that skunks are very sleepy at this time of year. She wishes they would truly hibernate. It’s not that she has anything against skunks, personally, (actually, she thinks they’re kind of cute) – it’s just that every time she meets one she has to have a smelly bath. Inexplicable, as all human behaviour is…

  • Allie

    My Toby dog is thankful for not being in the midst of TPLO recovery (he had both knees done in 2009 and it defined his year because his people are conservative and wouldn’t let him go full tilt for about 6 months after each surgery) – he’s thankful that he can chase bunnies to his heart’s desire and looking forward to acting like a crack-dog when the snow flies!

    My Keto dog is thankful for any pets/rubs/kisses anyone will give him. Particularly the butt-centric scratchies.

    Both boys are especially thankful that their people bought “them” an RV this year and took them on an awesome 3 week adventure to sniff out the west coast. They thought 24/7/3 of being with their people was a pretty great gift!

  • Mary

    My puppy and cat are thankful for each other, even if kitty is not fully aware of that yet.

  • Kelly Ann T.

    My dog is thankful for all the fun events we get to do together, he is looking forward to the Jingle Bell dog walk on Dec 4th. He is greatful for the chance to to raise money for the shelter so other (he’s a rescue) homeless dogs and cats can find homes.

  • courtney

    well i recentently moved out of my mom house and she was doing drugs and was abusing my dog princess one day she threw her out into the rain and thank godness we got her and i think she is thankful for living with me know

  • I think my three dogs are thankful that they are inside dogs, get fed yummy food, and still get plenty of attention despite our growing family. Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (@) gmail(dot)com

  • loni

    My youngest is thankful for a family, as we recently adopted her.

  • Lauren

    My 2 dogs and 2 cats are thankful that they have food in their bellies, toys to play with, and a warm house to sleep in. Thanks!

  • melinda smith

    I would like to think my dog,Lola,is thankful that she is in our lives. She was abused and we got her from a animal resue shelter.

  • Pamela

    My 3 dogs are all rescues. They are thankful they were rescued.

  • Our dogs are definitely thankful for my heating blanket! They love warming up under it during the chilly nights! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • shawna

    My doggie is thankful for a warm bed every night.

  • Suzanne Lewis

    My dogs are thankful to have a warm place to sleep and full bellies.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  • Steven Rupp

    Prince is thankful that we are the family that chose him, because we couldn’t possibly love him more!

  • Teresa L

    Awww my Yorkies would love to try these! They look Awesome!

  • They look like somethin my babies would love to try my animals are thankful they have food in their bellys and a warm place to lie their heads at night

  • Veronica Garrett

    Princess and Hershey are thankful they have a loving home.

  • susan smoaks

    our dog is thankful for a nice bed to sleep in!

  • Becky S.

    I’ll assume that our pets are thankful that they are still with us, because at one point we were so broke we couldn’t afford to feed ourselves, let alone them (but somehow we managed)
    beckytag618 at gmail dot com

  • Sand

    Heidi who is a dog, is thankful for having a lot of family and friends who love her and a cat who is her soulmate.

  • Deb Wallin

    My doggies would love this!

  • kathy pease

    My pet are thankful that i can afford to feed them. considering i have 5 cats and three dogs lol

  • Jane H

    My dog is thankful for a warm home, food in his dish, a comfortable bed to sleep in and a family who loves her. Thanks for this opportunity to win.