Happy surprises: Part One

I have three lovely things to announce today. Well, two lovely and one “this is going to be interesting.”

1. Final numbers are in for the Home for the Holidays campaign!

Blog posts: 609

Facebook pictures: 305

I told my Iams contact how some people had been having trouble tagging the photos on Facebook with ‘Iams’, so they graciously agreed to count all the pictures regardless of how they were tagged. That made me so happy since I too have cursed at Facebook when it made things unnecessarily complicated and I know what a pain it can be.

Each comment and picture generated 50 bowls of food.

So the final food bowl total is….drumroll please….

45,700 meals!

That is 11, 570 pounds of food, generated by you for pets in need.

That is just shy of SIX TONS!! I wanted to photoshop a picture of Brody standing next to 45,000 bowls of food but it proved to be almost incomprehensible.

11,570 pounds, just for reference, equals:

  • 168 Brodies
  • 156 Kekoas
  • 661 17 pound bags of Iams
  • 2 Asian elephants
  • 5 Clydesdales
  • 29,000 bananas

And that is bananas! Woo hoo!!

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  • That’s wonderful! Do you know what shelters they donate the food to?

  • Cathey

    Thank you so much for making this possible, Dr. V! Kudos also to the Iams company for their generosity. It was a great week on the blog!

  • Simply amazing. Well done, Dr. V. You are an inspiration.

    • Lisa W

      I second that! And thanks to Iams as well.

  • Amazing! I love your math here. Nice visuals. 😀 Kudos everyone here and Dr V and IH4TH for making this happen!

  • Super Hurrah! We are on our last two days of our Iams Home 4 the Holidays campaign. We are super proud to follow in your paw prints.

  • Cami

    That is amazing!! Thanks so much for letting us be a part of this!

  • Jen

    Yay! That’s WONDERFUL! It was lovely to participate and share our animals with you.

  • Congrats Dr. V and thanks to Iams for providing the meals!