Happy surprises: Part Two

I don’t know how happy I will be come 10:30 or so, but through a very happy coincidence the Helen Woodward Animal Center is having their annual telethon the same day as the blogathon. Crazy, huh?

And they asked me to come read a letter on air to start things off.

Now, I’m older and wiser than I was back in September. I realize the shiny happy portion of the program is being saved for the miracle twin foals and Diane Keaton and that my work is probably going to be a bit grimmer.

I have not read the letter yet, which is different than the last one I read but knowing Mike Arms will probably not be something from a children’s book on happy puppies.

My job is simply to go on air, make everyone cry, let my mascara run in front of the camera, and slink on home just in the nick of time to start the blogathon.

But you know what? I’m OK with that. Let the world see that even though I deal with life and death on a daily basis- maybe because I do that on a daily basis- it still gets me each and every time. It is never OK to allow ourselves to become complacent and resigned to what is going on out there.

So here is my schedule for Saturday:

7 am: Up with kids.

10 am: Go on TV, rain tears, try not to get too Sally Struthers on things

11 am: Change into yoga pants, start blogging!

I was planning on blogging from some wi-fi hotspots around town, but my laptop is still destroyed so I will be chained to the home computer for the duration. Such is life. That’s what I get for trying to enjoy a glass of wine while Tweeting.

If you are in San Diego, the telethon will be on KUSI from 10-2. It will also be streamed at animalcenter.org, so maybe you can open a tab up next to the ones for all the eight blogs you will be watching with baited breath. What’s one more? 😀

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  • Lisa W

    Can’t wait!

  • Wow. Good luck on TV, I’ll be watching and then cheering you on at the blogathon!

  • Cathey

    Can’t wait, I’ll know you’ll be great, Dr. V!

  • It’s more than that, Dr. V. It’s obvious your passion for animal welfare shines through everything you do. You really do want to make this world a better place for animals and people alike… and we respect and honor that. I hope, deep down, you know we hold the utmost respect for you.

    I know Saturday will not be easy. We will be there crying with you, too.