I survived another Mike Arms letter

Who dares to enter the Chamber of Secrets not once, but twice?

I am clearly insane. I just back from reading a letter on the Helen Woodward Animal Center annual telethon, which although is technically not related to the blogathon was such a good cause I couldn’t say no.

I think my husband recorded the telethon so I will try and figure out a way if we can get a copy of the letter reading (not that I want to see it myself).

They actually misplaced the letter temporarily so I was sitting on stage for a good 5 minutes with sweaty palms wondering what was on it (I didn’t read it ahead of time.)

It was about a dog who get abandoned at the shelter and how he tells the vet with a wag of his tail that he is not upset with her but for the person who left him to this fate.

So mission accomplished, I finished it! That is about as much as I could hope for. You know how I am.

I drafted an Open Letter to Mike in my head on the way home but I will have to work on it for later. In the meantime, we have a scavenger hunt with Biscuits by Lambchop coming up! Stay tuned!!

I read that letter once in vet school and it scarred me for days.


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  • You did great DrV, aside from making me bawl my eyes out for a good 20 minutes! See you soon for the scavenger hunt.

  • You did do a great job. If you are reading that letter for the first time it is hard to get through for sure and I am sure it doesn’t help that you were doing it on television.

    Thank you for putting the Blog-A-Thon together.

  • Was crying BEFORE you even started tearing up, then when you did, I lost it. As someone who has been there when pets were put down because of “disposable pet mentality” (volunteered at a shelter, now work at an animal hospital), it was all too familiar. And of course talking about euthanasia just brings up memories of the two times I’ve had to put down pets…Bailey and Roderick. Goes without saying that Rudy got some extra special hugs from me after…who am I kidding?…DURING your reading of the letter. Kudos for getting through the reading. No way I could have. <3