Laboceros update

The labocerous is looking so sleek and slim lately we may need to consult with the biologists to revise her taxonomic classification to panther. She can bound up the stairs now, which is a first for her in this house (and probably in any house, at least for some time.)

As our time on the Nulo challenge winds to an end, I can say without reservation that I am very happy with the food, the customer service and the results. At 74 pounds, she feels measurably better, and she looks healthier too.

After consulting with the oncologist, I’ve decided that I am going to pursue a second surgery before going in for radiation. I performed what is considered a ‘conservative’ excision, getting about 1 cm around the tumor. Aggressive excision involves removing 3 centimeters all around the tumor, plus one deep tissue plane. In this case, that will mean 3 centimeters around the entire scar area (the new tumor bed, in essence) plus some of the muscle over the scapula.

I wouldn’t say it’s an exceptionally technical sort of procedure, but it’s bloody to cut out muscle, and will likely leave a big old scar. My boss is going to tackle this for me, since he views this sort of thing as a challenge to conquer and enjoys besting tumor margins. I am not so enamored of surgery and would way overthink the entire thing.

Poor Koa. She will likely have the revision done around Thanksgiving. Based on how well she did after the last surgery, though, I think she will be fine. We will be continuing the Nulo as well- as I stated before, I strongly believe nutrition plays a big component in the healing process, and since she responded so well before we’ll just do it again.

Out of guilt for not getting good margins the first time (completely nonsensical, but there you go) I have been rotating the canned Nulo into Koa and Brody’s diets on a daily basis along with the kibble. Unsurprisingly, there have been no complaints.

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  • Go Koa! Show ’em how resilient and astounding a rescue dog can be! 🙂

  • Oh Koa! We’re pulling for you!! :o)

  • hugs and kisses in advance to koa. i’m sure she’ll pull through big-time and will soon be showing off her panther activities on the savannah. 🙂