Nulo Challenge: Final Weigh In

Wow, 90 days flies when you’re having fun! Kekoa is wrapping up her 90 days on the Nulo challenge, and boy has it been eventful. We survived a long road trip, a cancer diagnosis, envying a younger brother with a better metabolism, and a few too many fingers sneaking treats in when the taskmaster wasn’t watching.

Despite this, she continued to progress over the course of the challenge, and at her final weigh in Koa is now 73 pounds! That puts her total weight loss at 6 pounds for the 90 days! Go Kekoa! And like any celebrity who has shed a few pounds, we celebrated with the obligatory bikini shoot:



Happy, but squishy. She was pretty stiff, too.




She steadfastly refused to stand up for some reason on this particular morning, so I couldn’t get a good side view to show you how much her abdomen has decreased from the side (the ‘abdominal tuck’ that we like to see.) However you can get a pretty decent appreciation from the top of how her waist has shrunk:

The bikini bottoms weren’t really working so well so we don’t have them in the picture. Bottomless bikini wasn’t actually what we were going for- this is a PG blog and all- but I think she retained her modesty pretty well. See? She’s ready for her closeup:

koa shape

Eat your heart out, Kelly!

We were all very happy with the quality of the Nulo food and the customer service. The dogs tried all three flavors of the dry food and had zero problems with GI disturbances or pickiness with the food (au contraire. It was enjoyed very, very much.)


Nulo is a great addition to the roster of high quality pet foods out there, and its delivery program, customer service and online support really make it a unique product out on the market. I’m so happy we had this opportunity to give Nulo a test drive!

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  • Lisa W

    Yay for Koa!

  • Chile

    YAY! Congratulations Koa!! Good job!

  • Georgia Jewel

    Congrats to Koa! That is quite an accomplishment!

  • Georgia Jewel

    Sorry to serial post but I made a late donation for Bradyn in honor of Blog aThon. Great job!

    • Thank you so much!

  • Tonya

    Woo hoo, Koa! Way to go! You can definitely tell she’s slimmed down in the “aerial shot.” What a pretty girl!

  • Cathey

    Congratulations Koa – You look great!! And I understand how you feel about the bikini – I don’t want my photo taken wearing one either!!

  • Go Koa! That is awesome! I have been using Nulo also. Mostly because it was better for my dogs than what I was feeding them and my older Rudy has skin issues. But… My sweet Rudy has also lost weight. I haven’t weighed her at all but her collar now hangs off her neck. I can fit my entire hand through it now. (perhaps i should tighten it up a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Woot!

  • ha hahhaaaaa! neuticles! i remember years ago finding that website and was blown away that such a thing existed. puhlease.

    congratulations to koa for deserving to make the cover of that shape magazine! ๐Ÿ™‚ i also loved seeing her tail appear from time to time in the cat litter cooking show. what a famous girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Megan

      Came here to post my snickering over the neuticles “article” as well… Hehe!

  • Go Koa! Your inspiring me to take the Nulo challenge with my dogs who could stand to lose a few lbs too

  • crazy wienerdog lady

    LOL “How to tell if your man has neuticles”… funny thing is, my ex fiance was the first person in our state to get those for his dog and they wrote a big article in the paper about him. YEAH KOA!!! Wish I had someone to put food out for me so I could stay on a diet ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ahaha, I can’t believe there’s actually people who spend money on that…

  • Great job Koa! Looking good!

  • Congrats Koa! I have been feeding my pets Nulo as well and they really enjoy it. Gotta order more soon!

  • Hi Y’all!!!
    Great going!!! My Humans are always watching my weight and exercise to be sure I get the right amounts of each…exercise, yeah!!! That means good stuff!!! Less food…now that’s a downer!!!
    Y’all come by now!!!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  • Koa, you are one hot doggie in that bikini.
    She looks AWESOME!!! congrats to you both on such a wonderful turnout–less weight, more energy, happier Koa!! YAY!!!