Koa the *Star*

A couple of weeks ago, Kekoa and I were asked to go on the local news station to talk about the Nulo Campaign to Fight Pet Obesity and how owners can help their pets make a New Year’s Resolution to take off a few pounds.

They had us on the morning after Christmas, so instead of laying in a semi-gingerbread and eggnog coma on a pile of wrapping paper as I am wont to do on December 26th, I packed Koa up and headed down to the local news station at 8 am sharp.

We got buzzed in by a disembodied voice like we were headed into the state pen, and directed by the faceless Oz-like producer past the greenroom, beyond the anchor desk and right on into the back parking lot, where we waited on some Astroturf for the anchor to throw on a coat and meet us outside. They appear to be well equipped for dog visitors, judging by Koa’s response to the Astroturf.

It’s not an exhaustive treatise on the issue of pet obesity, mind you, but it’s decent enough for a 5 minute clip on a blustery Sunday morning. I made my husband record it on the sneaking (and correct) suspicion that despite telling my mom it would be on Channel 6, she instead tuned in to Channel 9 for an hour and a half, calling me with concern at 11 am to ask why I hadn’t been on yet.

Did you catch the anchor telling me she feeds her bully dog broccoli? Brave woman.

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  • Cathey

    Awesome spot & Koa looked & acted like a pro!

  • TaxiLab

    Great job Dr. V and Koa was such a sweetie!!

  • Who knew we were sisters! Koa looks very svelte, and so well behaved. Perhaps you both have a future in broadcasting.

  • Tonya

    You both did a fantastic job!! Koa is the perfect example of a BBD rescue success story. What a well-behaved, pretty girl she is. 🙂

  • Vanesha

    Kekoa is such a sweetheart. Great job Dr V!

  • Megumi

    That was really great – you both did a fabulous job!

  • Tamara

    AWESOME!!! Great job Dr. V and Koa, too 🙂

  • Fabulous spot! Funny I did the New Year’s health & fitness campaign for my e-mail list too! So true. : )

    Great job to you both!

  • dee

    you’re right about the grandma’s roll in overfeeding. i once took one of the dogs over to my mom’s while i was going to the vet with the other. i admonished her not to feed him anything as i was very strict about no table scraps at home. well, sure enough when i come to pick him up i was informed how much he enjoyed the hotdogs she gave him. sigh.

  • Bev

    You and Kekoa looked FABULOUS on TV! But what’s wrong with feeding broccoli to a bully breed?

  • Great spot! Broccoli gas.. ewwwww !

  • Lisa W

    You guys both looked lovely. Koa just has “I’m sooo sweet” written all over her face! And you were very subtle: “Nice! And you don’t have any problems with that?” Too funny!

  • So did I hear you say that Koa had her second surgery and the margins were all clean and she is good?

    If I missed this in the past, my apologies. I was very excited to hear it.

  • macula_densa

    I know the first name basis makes you seem more ‘real’ and ‘accessible,’ but I personally wish she referred to you as Dr. Vogelsang. It’s probably just a knee jerk from all the folks out there that don’t take me seriously as a doctor. ;-P

    Anyways, fantastic job!