Bayers of the Lost Bark

My front yard is currently in a tremendous state of disrepair, due to a nasty trio of invasive ficus trees, an endangered water main and a threatening note from the homeowners association about the one brick that was out of place. It looked a bit like an archaeologic dig once the landscaper went after it with a mini excavator. Hey, that almost reminds me of something…..

da da da da, da da dum….

The famous Dr. Bones has just returned from a successful trip into the jungles of the Congo in search of a rare archaeologic artifact!

With cunning and ingenuity, Dr. Bones has managed to find a treasure previously thought lost to the world: The Loud Flat Squeaking Penguin of Madagascar.

A strange and shadowy benefactor has retained the services of Dr. Bones after uncovering a trove of artifacts at an undisclosed location in Burma. The mysterious Apol Toht has reason to believe that it may hold the key to finding the Orb of Bastet, thought to grant the holder the ability to see the future.


Kollah, your divining tail is pointing up again. Did you find something? Just an old sandwich?

I’ve convinced this native to show us a cave of local hieroglyphics.

It says, “To See The Future, Drink Deeply of the Past.”

It’s the Hose of the Ancient Ancestors! Yes! *gulpgulp*

AAAAAHH! I’m blind! Help! Kollah, you have to lead me out of here!

What’s that Kollah? Footprints are appearing on the ground? Follow them!

(sinister laugh)

I see it! Kollah, I can see it with my mind’s eye!

Yes, I have it! I…I need to sit down for a minute. Oh…I just need a quick nap.

Kollah, I saw the future. I saw what Toht is planning to do with this. He wants to….to….eradicate dogdom!!

I have to get rid of this! I’m going to roll it into this lava pit!

Goodbye, cruel ball.


Dogdom is saved, thanks to Indiana Bones! Now where’s that hat??

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  • Susan

    EXXXCELLENT, as always, Dr. V!

  • Wonderful adventure!

  • Cathey

    Awesome stories & pick – what a fun post!

  • Georgia Jewel

    4 Paws Up!

  • Tonya

    All THREE of them in one post?!?!?! My week – no wait – my MONTH has been made! Absolutely awesome, Dr V! ๐Ÿ™‚
    P.S. Apollo looks so regal!

  • Love the new characters! Happy weekend!

  • AUGH. as always you slay me with these wonderful entries of HILARITY!!!
    omg. and i was so confused when i saw that picture of the kids “hieroglyphics” on ur flickr account. ๐Ÿ™‚ NICE!! have a FAB weekend!

  • Love it!! Thanks for the giggles!

  • BOL! Great stuff Dr. V!

  • Great way to start the day! All paws up!
    Thank you.

  • Very cute and love the story. Indiana does a great job of protecting his family.

  • Abby’s mom

    I love the inclusion of your cat in today’s picture post.

  • Yawn! Sigh!

    Got the Human up to turn on the computer for me and what do I find but the “tails” of Indiana Bones! My Human has started her Sunday morning with a laugh and a smile…all good!

    Now that I have been walked, fed, walked and caught up with the news and put my Human in a merry mood, I realize it is not yet daylight here in the East so I’m returning to my bed! I’m sure that is where I’d find a respectable archaeologist like Indiana Jones at this predawn hour.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  • I’m a little behind on reading so just now saw this…… it, it’s too funny!

  • Thanks for the smile!