Adopt the Internet Day: One Dog

You all remember Wall-E, right? The little guy who was euthanized not once but twice, and still found himself alive at the end of the day?

Adorable, isn’t he? “The litter was so sick,” the shelter said, despite the fact that he was fine the next day. 3,000 people have applied to adopt him, a dog who was no different from any other healthy dog at the shelter except for this one simple fact: He got lucky. 

On that very same day, 9,999 dogs and cats were not so fortunate.

10,000 sweet, adorable dogs and cats just like Wall-E face that injection each and every day in the US- without the miracle.





10,000 lives. In ONE DAY.

You can read the statistic that 3-4 million animals are euthanized a year in the United States, but does anyone really stop to think what that means? Each dot a life ended.

400000400000400000 Keep going.400000400000400000Incomprehensible.400000400000

One year.

One day.

One dog.

On this day, we celebrate the ones that lived and remember those that did not. Today, let’s remind one another of the joys our pets have brought us, and rededicate ourselves to making that horrifying statistic a thing of the past. Over the course of the day I will be featuring 9 stories of adoption sent in by readers, 9 triumphs.

The mosaic was made using MacOSaiX using 10,000 images tagged ‘dog’ or ‘cat’ from Flickr.
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  • Wow, just WOW!

  • I am sitting here crying, and that is a rare thing for me, to cry at something I read online. I wish I could say that I believe this statistic will change in my lifetime, but I don’t … I hope and pray and work toward changing it in my kids’ lifetimes and their kids’ lifetimes. One day.

  • Lisa W

    Tears…. and dedication to do some thing, even if it’s small….

  • Tonya

    Unbelievable and overwhelming, but all too true! 🙁

  • Kristyn

    As I kept scrolling down, it became harder to breathe. I am passing this along everywhere, as well as the petfinder information.

  • Wow. Powerful, and sad, post.

  • Lucy

    All my critters are rescues with my ‘liger’, who is now 14, coming from a shelter that had him for 6 months because people were scared of his size (I think he has main coon as he is a long 22lbs), my ‘normal’ cat finding us by hanging around our door till we broke and let her inside and last year, I got my sister pups who were born under a truck in the parking lot of the Caracus airport. My parents NEVER let any of our animals have babies and I have always pushed spay and neuter to my friends. This is a very visual reminder as to why that is so important.

  • ugh. So many dots. When you hear the number, it really has no meaning, but when you scroll down and down and down, it really brings it home

  • dee

    i’ve got 4 rescue dogs and one cat. one dumped in the desert as a 2 mo. old with his littermates in a box; one days off giving birth left in a “deposit bin” at a shelter in Hesperia; the last two were strays in LA. the cat was found with a mangled hip and taken to an OC shelter. all living the good life now. <3