Adopt the Internet: I adopt, therefore I win

In honor of Petfinder’s Adopt the Internet Day, we are featuring Adoption Success Stories here at Pawcurious, starring the wonderful pets sent in by you, the readers. This is Part 1 of 3.

From reader Jessica: This is my newly adopted cat, Tom. He’s absolutely wonderful!

When we went to the rescue foundation, my roommates and I all felt the urge to take every single kitten and puppy home, but we knew that we had to choose just one. Tom was the quite one of the bunch, not running around like a kitten. We found out that he was one of the older cats (still only a year and a half old) but that he had had a home for a week before the owner sent him back. For the average person, that would be a deal breaker. The cat must be terrible, right? Yowling all night, maybe. Tearing up the furniture, perhaps. But we decided that there had to be more to that story.

So we dug a little deeper. We found out that it was just another college student who hadn’t asked her parents for permission before adopting the little guy. Well, as we were finding out all of this information and learning the names of all of the cats at ARF, Tom decided to curl up in one of my roommate’s laps and take a nap. We knew then that he was perfect for us. We were looking for a calm, wonderful cat that would be a loving companion. One that would curl up with us while we did our homework and wouldn’t mind receiving lots of affection from three college girls.

And through all of the research and the learning, I have to say that this cat is the best decision I’ve made during my college career. He’s a wonderful animal with so much love to give away. He never hesitates to run up to us after we come home from classes and rub our legs with his crooked little tail. He’s playful with his toy mice and goes wild for catnip. Tom is amazing. Worth everything and so much more.

I love this adopted cat!

Is that the face of happy or what?

Sarah shares the story of Milo and her adopted trio:

This is (L-R) Milo, my adopted pooch, and his buddies Dizzy and Kiki (also adopted)! Milo was adopted at 5 months old through Petfinder from the Hemingway Group, a small North Carolina rescue. They picked his mom up after she was found on the side of the road, pregnant, sick with Parvo, and near death. Her puppies were born shortly after, and not only survived but thrived!

Milo didn’t adopt as quickly as a few siblings did because he very clearly has some Great Pyrenees going on- even as a puppy he was big! He is so sweet, so gentle, and so easy! Being raised initially in rescue helped him learn to get along with other dogs and become accustomed to strange folks trying to pet him. He really is the world’s best dog. Yay rescue! Yay Petfinder! Yay Hemingway Group!

I love that they are color coordinated. 🙂

The Story of Gordy, as narrated by Martina

My boy, Gordy Lightfoot vonPudel was adopted from a rescue group. This is his story, which I wrote for a blog.

My other dog (Georgie) has her story in the same blog.  Georgie is 13 years and 4 months old and just got diagnosed with stage 1 renal failure and has not been feeling well.  You may remember I asked you to find out if there are any new treatments for canine renal failure at the vet convention. I know Georgie won’t live forever, but of course want her to have a great quality of life for her remaining time here.

This is Gordy’s photo the day before I adopted him (one day after his rescue from the puppy mill).  He was known as “#18” at that time.  In case you are wondering he has that fancy name because I realize he was not loved or respected when he was at the mill, and deserves a classy name.  He prefers to answer to Gordito Bandito but like both of my dogs, will run very quickly towards anyone who says the word “treat”.

I absolutely love Martina’s reasoning behind Gordy’s fancy new name!

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