Pet Etailers Giving Back: Shop Here!

Despite giving everyone about 2 days’ notice, so many of you came through and offered to host giveaways, donate proceeds to World Vets, and all around be amazing in support of Paws for Japan and animal relief. Thank you all.

These are all the giveaways and donations I was made aware of by e-mail as of the 16th, but if I missed any or if you know of other ones, please add them in to the comment section! I know there are some auctions and other giveaways going on today…very exciting day!

I really believe in supporting businesses that give back to the community, so thank you all so much for being a part of this effort!

Biscuits by Lambchop is giving multiple ways:

Dog Angel Jewelry is hosting a giveaway and donating

  • Dr. Valentine will also be making a personal donation to World Vets in addition to giving away not one but TWO of her beautiful necklaces. This was a very popular giveaway on the blogathon with good reason- so check it out!

Kitty’s Crumble will donate

  • 5% of sales generated through Kitty’s Cradle on 3/17/11 will go to World Vets

NoPo Paws is donating the Grand Opening Weekend

  • Winner of the proactive award: the store isn’t evening opening until April and they have pledged to donate 10% of the proceeds from opening weekend to World Vets! Details at Married With Dawgs.

Tara Nicole is donating ONE HUNDRED PERCENT

  • The entire proceeds from these print sales will go to World Vets! You know Tara is a Disney animator, right? These prints are to die for!

Jus Animalium is donating proceeds

DogTipper is donating proceeds

  • Every cent earned by Dog Tipper on the 17th will be donated. Ad money, money from the sales of their book, and affiliate revenue from any Amazon purchase made using their link. Details here!

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