Sell your Stuff, Save a Life!

It’s time for another Be the Change Challenge- and this one is really cool! Let’s call it “The World’s Biggest Garage Sale.”

The concept is straightforward: Sell something- anything- and donate the proceeds to your animal-related charity of choice. It’s that easy.

The way it is being organized is as follows:

  • Take the time from now until May 18th to pick out something for your spring cleaning extravangaza.
  • On May 18th, list your items for sale at your place of choice: eBay, craigslist, Etsy…anywhere you would like. Just make sure your sales close by May 25th.
  • Choose a pet charity to donate your proceeds to. It can be your local shelter, a rescue you learned of online- the possibilities are endless!
  • Use the Linky Tools we will have live at Blog Paws Be the Change to promote your sales during the week of May 18-25.
  • Come back by June 5th to report your sales total so we can tally the final amount!

More details are available at Blog Paws, and as the date gets closer there will be additional information and guidelines for people who are new to eBay.

Remember: while the auctions should benefit animal organizations, the auction items can be whatever you want. This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of that garden gnome Aunt Edna gave you for Christmas. “But it was for a great cause, Aunt Edna! He’s living in Waterloo now and he brought great joy to the local shelter!” See? win-win.

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  • tjw003 (Tonya)

    But I *like* garden gnomes! 😉 I have more than my share of other “stuff” that I could stand to part ways with though. This sounds like a great idea!

  • What a clever and useful way to raise money. I wish there was a consolidated way to hook up buyers with sellers participating in the fundraiser

  • Hi Halle — BlogPaws will have a linky list during the week of the sale where sellers can list their items, and share the link with their deal-minded friends who have some extra cash for a good cause. 🙂