Selling and Eating and Bowling

First of all, please don’t forget the big Be the Change for Pets initiative starts this week!

The Facebook page also has information, but as a reminder: sell something, at a garage sale, craigslist, ebay, whatever you wish. If it is posted online we will have a linky list so that everyone can list their sales. Then donate your proceeds to the shelter of your choice- it’s that simple! If you have questions, you can ask here or over at Facebook. We’re here to help!

Secondly, I’m in Dayton, Ohio right now getting ready for a day with the team at Iams/ Eukanuba and 12 other great bloggers as a part of the Behind the Paw summit. Tomorrow we are going on a day-long tour of the plant . I’ve always wanted to see how this works.

I’ve also been told they are happy to answer questions from us and in turn from blog readers, so if you have anything you’d like to ask, comment below I can pass it on. They are even going to address the PETA video from 2003 that has once again been floating around the web, in case anyone is still in the dark about that whole situation.

If you fall in the camp of “I prepare all of my pet’s foods by myself,” I applaud you. That is a ton of work. I hope you still find this interesting, and for the many people (myself included) who use commercial foods I’m looking forward to what Eukanuba guru Bev Van Zant referred to as total transparency in the food production process. This is the kind of thing that is needed to regain consumer trust, so I’m glad to have a chance to see things for myself.

And finally, if you follow pawcurious on Facebook you know that last night they held a bowling tournament for us to kick things off. This left me with a deep sense of fear and disquiet, since the last time I bowled was at summer camp in 1982, during which I was led off in a stretcher after dropping a bowling ball on my toe.

Though my coordination has marginally improved in the last 30 years and I did not injure anyone, I struggled mightily to actually hit any pins. After some practice and perhaps a beer or two, I scored a 102, which was actually pretty darn miraculous.

And speaking of miraculous, Bev actually allowed her poster boy Flat Tyler* to sit at the end of the bowling lane and stand in as a pin. At stake was 2000 pounds of food to a rescue of choice. Another gutterball magnet like myself was chosen to roll the ball. And did she win the food?

YouTube Preview Image

*Professional stunt poster. No paper pets were injured during the filming of this stunt.

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  • Once again, my horizons have been expanded through your blog! How have I lived withour knowing about Flat Tyler? I laughed so hard at his “story” I was crying! Thank you for introduction!

  • Tonya

    Woo hoo! What a shot! 🙂

  • Leigh

    What are they doing to ensure there are no more salmonella contaminations in their dry foods? (Lately it was in their prescription foods, but it seems that most dry food companies have this problem!)

  • I cannot believe you actually got it all on video! Though I would NEVER consider doing this with Fluffy Tyler, Flat Tyler is a tough guy (and a bowling ball could not make him any flatter then he already is). He stands ready to give his all for pets in need. I split the 2,000-pound pet food contribution with Jacqui, who was the bowler who bowled Flat Tyler down. We will each be able to give our favorite shelter/rescues and unexpected gift of Iams food. Flat Tyler assures me it was worth the indignity of being knocked over.

  • Jesssica, I mean Dr V, you were an awesome bowler and you left out the fact that you got a strike AND a spare!! Curious to see what you have to say over the next couple days about the trip as someone who spent some time with you while there…
    And sorry Ive been calling you Jess all this time. I just read at the top of your blog you prefer Dr. V. 🙂


    • No no no, Dr. V only when you are pumping me for free advice. When we are bowling, Jess or Jessica is OK. But if you call me Jessie I will destroy you.