Giveaway Tuesday: Wellness Cat food!

Today, while we’re all digesting the remnants of our Independence Day feasts, I have for you a special giveaway for the kitty in your life. I have to swear you all to secrecy that you won’t share the details with Apollo, for if he knows what I had to give away instead of sharing with his sad food-allergic self I’m sure I’d be finding more than a few slimy furballs on my pillow.

I have a special place in my heart for the Wellness brand. When my dear old hound Nuke developed a nasty splenic hemangiosarcoma, it didn’t take long for his already-thin self to start showing the signs of cancer cachexia. Basically, the fast growing tumor steals all the body’s nutrients for itself and leaves the poor body to waste away.

These were the days before prescription cancer diets, and I was looking for a super high quality, high protein diet to help his body stay on top on his wasting away. There were few choices, but I found Wellness in a pet boutique, and because of that helped him eke out several happy months of decent body condition he might not otherwise have had.

But onto more cheerful things! I’m happy to see that the Wellness brand has continued to develop items both innovative and high quality. One of the things you’ll know if you’ve spent time with lots of cats is that they can be picky about just about anything when it comes to their food: taste, texture, temperature; going from a smooth pate to a chunk can be enough to send your cat on a hunger strike, so it’s nice to have options to pick the one your cat likes best.

In that vein, Wellness has just introduced 12 new varieties of grain-free canned cat food:

New Wellness Cubed, Sliced and Minced cat cans are 100% grain-free and contain no added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. For each delicious recipe, Wellness has paired succulent cuts of wholesome, all natural protein sources like chicken, turkey, salmon and tuna with delightfully savory sauces that are sure to please the palate of even the most finicky feline. The 12 tasty new varieties that will keep cats eagerly anticipating mealtime are:

So there are 5 flavors and 3 texture combinations (mince, cubes, and slices). One of them is bound to make your kitty purr. For more on Wellness, check out their website and their Facebook.

Giveaway Details:

For today’s giveaway, I have a sampler of one of each of those flavors- 12 cans, 3 oz each (which is a perfect individual serving size.) Psst- I think your cat is drooling on the keyboard.

How To Enter:

Comment below with which one you think your cat will like best (don’t worry, if you win you’ll get all 12 to try!) You can enter once a day up to 7 entries. US only for this one (if I get permission to open it to Canada I will let you know).


11:59 PST July 12, 2011

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  • I think I’m first to comment which usually means I won’t win. Ha! I’m glad you mentioned Wellness. I think I’ll see if I can get Gracie to like these. She turns her nose at most foods. She’ll eat Science Diet dry. My Chessie loves wet cat food; so, I’m sure she’d like most flavors. I really need to see about trying out Wellness. Never heard of it until now. 🙂

    • 🙂 I use, so 1’s as good as any other number! I do remember one giveaway where 1 was the winner…

  • Brooke Hinrichs

    We do Wellness foods already, but I have never seen these and would love to try them! My furkids are terribly fond of turkey in any form and I don’t think they have any cubed food in their current rotation. It would be fun to see how they react!

  • Shari

    Tough choice. Limbo would probably love the minced tuna the most and Clyde the cubed salmon. They all sound great!

  • Jennifer Hanuschak

    Oh boy…my kitties will LOVE the tuna!

  • Jordana

    my cats eat vet brand food but if I won I would donate them to a local rescue for the kitties without a home. I’m sure all the kitties there would love any of the flavours as i’m sure they all taste great to them 🙂

    • Jordana

      nevermind I’m a canadian so I can’t win

  • Beccity

    I think they’ll like them all! I personally think they’d like the slice salmon, but that’s just me. I don’t feed them on canned food, but they get a bite of it every night. 5 cats share half a small can, but they sure do beg for it each night!!!

  • Amy

    Sebastian loooooves salmon, so I’m guessing the sliced salmon would be his fave!

  • Tiffany

    I think my cat would like any of the minced ones the best, especially the tuna one. Wellness is actually his fave canned food, so he would love to win!

  • Megan K

    Let’s see. Mr. Picky (aka Tini) only likes pate, so he’d probably go for the minced chicken or turkey. Mackie, Io and Luna will gobble up pretty much anything, but I think they’d dig the cubed varieties.

  • Kelly Brauer

    My kitty Rambo absolutely just adores TUNA and CHICKEN! (Doesn’t really matter how it’s made (usually) as long as one or both are in his cat dish!) I would say that he’d really love the cubed tuna or the sliced chicken the most! (He’s never really had any turkey or salmon products so I don’t know how he’d react…but I think he may enjoy the tastes if given a chance!)

  • Chloe

    I think my cats would love the sliced salmon flavor!

  • Ivy

    while i know the older cat would LOVE to eat anything salmon flavor, the younger cat would probably dig anything chicken or turkey. unfortunately, the older cat won’t get to try any, because of her IBS.

  • Christine E

    I think the chicken would go over best at our house but I am not sure that our kitty cares what shape it is in as she just LOVES chicken.

  • Selena

    I would say the tuna or salmon would probably be the biggest hit isn’t that what most cats would want the fish? Couse knowing my gang the would gobble them all down. Have not tried the wellness yet will have to check it out.

  • susan

    My 14 y/o cat Pearl has IBD – poor girl has been losing weight and having digestive issues for a while. In conjunction with her medication, I am trying better quality canned foods (Newman’s Own) and have cut seafood from her diet with good results so far. She is ALWAYS hungry and would I love to give her the chance to try the chicken or turkey foods! Thanks!!

  • I think mine will like the non-fish ones but I want to try Rocket on the sliced chicken since she never learnt to chew her food. She’s our special cat

  • Adrianna

    After several different textures and flavor variations tried, we found that our Marcie enjoys and tolerates salmon. But I know that she’d love it even more if she knew that it’s a yummy that will keep her healthy and here with us even longer!

  • Katie

    I think my cats would like the minced tuna the best. Fortunately, they aren’t overly picky so they would probably eat any of the flavors. They just like variety!

  • Jennifer Dillon

    My cats will like the minced turkey best! What a wonderful giveaway!!

  • Emily in IL

    My kitties won’t care 🙂 they aren’t picky about anything other than actually having food in their bowl.

  • Ummm, duh–tuna!! Our cats are so conditioned that all we have to do is walk near the cupboard where we store cans, and they go nuts… goofy kittehs. 🙂

  • Sara

    This excites me – I love wellness and their products. My husband, unfortunately, hates digging out pate type food from the can so won’t consider feeding a non-minced type food. Instead we often skimp and give dry. I know, we are the laziest owners ever. I would love to see and try the new textures! Maybe it would help us stick to a canned food commitment easier. I think my critters would be partial to the tuna varieties 😉

  • Anne Quinn

    I have foster kittens from the local shelter…I think each one would find their own favorite, and just like the kittens, each one would be different!

  • Solange

    i think they would love any flavor, but the minced tuna sounds like their thing. i mix a bit of lysine into their wet food, which is already quite fishy and they love that!

  • I think our cats would prefer the minced tuna, but would love trying them all 🙂

  • Interestingly enough, I’m on my way later today to pick up some Wellness food for our guys to try out! I think they’ll like the minced variety best – probably chicken. I have a VERY picky guy in my Henry. He goes on “food strike” when he decides he doesn’t like something. (which is now, by the way! Hence, the trying out Wellness!)

  • Yeah, I’m glad to see some new choices in the cat tin food options! Let’s see: Ginger would pretty much happily eat each and every single one of these options, Otter has a little more specific taste so would probably like the Wellness Cubed Turkey & Salmon Entrée, while Pumpkin (who’s my finikity eater) would only eat minced and probably enjoy the Wellness Minced Turkey Entrée.

  • Tamara

    We love Wellness foods, having recently switched over. Haven’t tried any canned Wellness yet, as Weruva seems to be the brand of choice there 🙂 Thanks for the heads up! I’ll be sure to look for these and add them to our menu.

  • Barbara

    Never have tried the Wellness brand before but would love to since I have such a finicky eater, hoping to find something else he may like. He loves chicken and tuna so hopefully he will eat this kind….if not my other 3 cats are sure to gobble it right up.

  • Tricia Thompson

    Anyone of them that says entree …sounds so fancy

  • Jess

    My kitties love anything bird flavored, so I think they’d really dig all that turkey and chicken 🙂

  • Katana would love the minced Turkey! She is 14 and eats only grain free.

  • Debbie G

    The cubed salmon would sound interesting to my new foster kitten, Dave. But I do believe this one is not going back for adoption, he’ll be staying here with Lexi, Ziggy, and Sam.

  • keri

    Little Tao is just a baby (10 wks), but is enjoying Wellness Kitten kibble, as well as Wellness Grain-Free canned. I know that he would LOVE the minced Turkey…… Turkey makes him purrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Julie

    I would love to get these for my brother’s 3 kitties. He has such a hard time finding foods that all 3 cats like, and he is trying to transition to higher quality foods from grocery store types and they have been turning up their noses at everything! Such a lack of gratitude when he is trying to improve their health! They all love the seafood ones usually, so I’ll say the tuna.

  • H Price & the Mattys Mansion Himalayans

    If Wellness could get Sabian to eat their new foods, it would be a godsend. He has Lymphosarcoma (cancer) AND is a very finicky eater. He is nothing but skin and bones. I have tried so much just for him to turn his nose up at it and walk away! The rest of them beg for their canned yumyums. I would love to try Wellnesses new cans. All paws crosses…

  • Kelly Ann T.

    I think Yoshi kitty would like the Wellness Minced Chicken Dinner

  • David R

    My best friend Max likes turkey & chicken, she really loves the juice/gravy which she always eats first.

  • Jeanne

    Anything minced will work for my gang.

  • Lesley M.

    Minced tuna dinner …

  • Emily K

    Harley would love the chicken. She only gets a taste of wet food with mostly dry food but she chows down when she gets it! She’ll speak on command for it!

  • Erica

    Ooooh, my kitty would LOVE the minced tuna!!!!

  • Cheryl

    Yeah, I am so excited! Both for the opportunity for some free cat food but also because I have been on the hunt for a minced cat food. I have even gone to the trouble of using an old coffee grinder to mince up wet cat food. I have one cat who only likes wet food minced and I always feels bad when I give all the cats a treat of some wet food and he walks away when he realizes I didn’t mince it up. It’s hard to find the right consistency that he likes so I hope to give these a chance and see if he will like them. Thanks!

    • Cindyc99

      does you cat have trouble chewing//mine does..thought the minced tuna might be good..sometimes he will take the time to chew.

  • Clio

    My 10 year old siamese mixes are fussy eaters and only like minced with plenty of gravy. They have already approved the wellness indoor dry food so maybe its time to give the wet a try too!

  • My kitties love fish. And turkey. And chicken. Probably mouse and bird too! Nahum even goes crazy for lettuce. I bet they all would love all of them!

  • Lisa

    Would love to have my kitties try any of them. I wanted them to eat regular Wellness canned because of the high-quality ingredients. Unfortunately, one won’t touch it (prefers his kibble), while the other LOVES it (even comes running when she hears the spoon tinkling against the bowl) but is allergic to something and gets all puffy in the lip/mouth area after she eats it. 🙁 But I have high hopes for a new formulation!

  • Maria


  • Suzanne Dunphy

    My picky kitty loves the Wellness food and would probably like the minced turkey the best. But who knows, she surprises me all the time what she decides to like or refuse.

  • Michelle Spayde

    I would say minced tuna! Am I the only one that has cats that only lick the gravy off of anything chunky or sliced????

  • Keri Dominguez

    Minced chicken would be Tao’s second choice I think!

  • Kelly Ann T.

    My dogs absolutely love tuna especially if it has cheese to

  • wikith

    Sian would probably go for the tuna…

  • Mia

    My cats will probably like tuna best. 😀 They love canned tuna!

  • I told my cats about the possibility of getting to try a bunch of new flavors. Theo was beside himself with excitement. He will love them all!

  • I think my cats would like the tuna..they are crazy about anything tuna

  • Kelly Ann T.

    My dogs like Salmon, so this would be one of their favorites, Wellness Cubed Turkey & Salmon Entrée.

  • Becky

    Our 15 year old Libby kitty is not a canned food devotee but maybe she’ll like this one. Even if she doesn’t we’ve got some ferals (all TNR’s) who will really have a good time. They deserve a GOOOOD treat!

  • I today my kitties would still love all the flavors!

  • Nubia

    Hmm, maybe the minced chicken, most kitties I know will lick the gravy and leave the chunky parts, heh.

  • Kelly Ann T.

    Yoshi kitty loves tuna, and begs for it if we open a can of it. So the Wellness Minced Tuna Dinner would be at the top of his list.

  • since returning from the vet today, Buddy has had an insatiable appetite. I bet he would love the tuna. the chicken and the turkey! The soft wet food might feel good on his teeth after having a cleaning and tooth extracted.

  • Kelly Ann T.

    I have not tried the Wellness Cubed Turkey Dinner
    so I’m curious if Yoshi kitty would eat it.

  • Theo is telling me he wants more turkey…

  • Kelly Ann T.

    I learned that Chicken is the #1 selling cat food. I have never bought Yoshi chicken flavor and I would like to try the •Wellness Cubed Chicken Entrée

  • Kelly Ann T.

    I wonder if Yoshi would like the sliced chicken vs the cubed.

  • Sammi would find the Sliced Turkey Entree divine. She’s grain-free only (Core / Wellness) due to IBD.

  • tuna is on Willow’s mind. Sliced not stirred.

  • Little cubes of salmon would be delightful in my tummy. I eat only certain flavors of Wellness grain-free to help control my IBD. Maybe this new one could be added to my limited diet.

  • Kelly Ann T.

    This sounds like an interesting combination •Wellness Sliced Turkey & Salmon Dinner

  • Buddy says he’s ready to try some cubed chicken.

  • Karen Fields

    I have an allergic, geriatric cat who is increasingly developing intolerances to his food. We’re going grain free, and after only a few days, he seems much perkier and happier. We considered a raw diet, but he really likes the prepared cans. We havent tried wellness, but I bet he’d love the turkey dinner.

  • That’s new. It is so interesting , I will try that and I think my cats will like it.