Happy Fourth!

Give me your burgers, your corn,

Your soggy shortcakes yearning to be eaten,
The yummy refuse of your grill galore.

Send these, the castoff, crumbs and chips to me,
I lift my mouth unto the golden bowl!


A very joyous Independence Day from Lady Liberty and…er….Lady Liberty.

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  • What troopers those 2 are! Very good sports in their 4th of July attire!

  • Ohhhh myyyy this is just fantastic! Hope you are having a wonderful 4th!

  • Lisa W

    So you know that Brody already owns a little piece of my heart, so of course I love him as Lady Liberty. But I have to give kudos to Miss Koa, who is beyond adorable in her streamers!!!!

  • Interesting costumes, their facial expression just fit the dress.