Heart Pet Day is July 21

I bet you didn’t know that, did you? That’s because I just made it up. It’s the two year anniversary of the day my own heart pet passed on, but I’ve found that the best salve to a broken heart is to commiserate with others who understand that loss. There is sadness, but also joy, in hearing about the bonds you all have shared with those you loved as well.

I really loved putting together the video last year of everyone’s heart pets, and I’ll make sure I re-post that on Thursday. But I’d like to invite anyone who is up for it to post about their own heart pet on Thursday as well, either as a response to my post, on the pawcurious Facebook page, or on your own blog. If more than a couple of people want to write on their own blog I will be happy to make it a blog hop.

I see my memories of my pets like a box in my heart, covered with this grey tarp of sadness I have to lift away every time I want to get to the good stuff. Some days it’s too hard to lift and I have to put the box back, but on this day I want to rip it off and just kind of wade in all the happiness stored within. I hope you will join me!

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  • Tamara

    My own heart – Brianne – is still with me, thankfully, though at nearly 17 she’s slowing down and I’ll probably lose her in the next year or so. I dread that day ๐Ÿ™ I can’t imagine being without her. It helps to know that others have been through it and found joy again in their pets.

  • What a wonderful idea! Ember was my heart pet, and saved me in ways I probably don’t even know, yet. I’ll write a post with pictures of his goober-face and add a link. Thank you, Dr. V!

  • Leigh

    I LOVE your box analogy, I use it, too! Some days it’s just too hard to open the box, but that’s ok. Other times you can sift through all the memories in it and be filled with joy. I even feel that way with my grandmother. Sometimes I have to put that box in the back of the attic (in my head) and not look at it. It doesn’t mean that I love my grandmother any less. One of my aunts doesn’t get that. She sifts though that box in her head almost every day and tortures herself, when in fact sometimes it’s healthy to leave the box alone!

  • Thankfully my heart dog just came into my life two years ago, at six months old. After a string of hard-not-to-adopt fosters I just knew she was the one, and I’ve never felt so close to a dog before. It sounds so cheesy but we really connect differently then any dog before, and others tell me everyday they can see the same with us. Nothing better then being able to communicate with just a look.

    I can’t imagine a time where she will no longer be in my life. I can only hope I’m as strong as you guys when her time comes – hopefully not for many many years!

  • Such a beautiful idea… I tend to think that I’ve had two heart dogs in my life, both filling different needs at different times…

  • I too sent a piece of my heart to Rainbows Bridge with my AMAZING SAMOYED NAKOMA! She would of been 16 years old today…it’s her Birthday! She lived to be 14 1/2 years old! Had an AMAZING LIFE and was soooooooooo BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT! She touched so many peoples lives while she was here on earth with me…and it is AMAZING that she is still doing it! She is still remembered by sooooooo very many people she knew…and also by many she NEVER even met!!! She was my SUPER DOG!!! I have had many dogs in my life time…But as one of her Doctors said…We only get ONE SUPER DOG in our lives…and Nakoma was yours!… I still talk to her every single day…mind you…she passed away on Jan.16,2010… and I never miss a day without talking to her or thinking of her!…She is with me ALWAYS!… So i know how it feels to loose part of your heart! …and yes there are days that I still cry…some times from sadness from missing her…and sometimes from memories that we shared…They say time heals all…but for me that hole will never be filled until we meet again and cross over the bridge together! She was my Best Friend…My companion…My Soul Mate!