Love and Dogs at Comic-Con

So yesterday, in an attempt to pull me out of the glums, my husband surprised me with a one day pass to Comic-Con, which if you are not aware is an event where 125,000 people descend on the city in ill-fitting Transformers costumes and pack the convention center in a celebration of pretty much everything pop culture. It is massive, but getting in these days is like getting a Golden Ticket. So of course I had to go.

First, I tried to get into the Game of Thrones panel, since the book’s author and many stars of the show were going to be there. It seemed like it would be interesting. We went up to the room where the talk was going to be held two hours before the panel, and found out the line was already three hours long. OK, so that was out.

Then I went to the area where Mattel was selling Comic-Con exclusives, such as a Green Lantern Barbie and a Frankenberry Hot Wheels. People were shoving, pushing, and otherwise ready to come to fisticuffs to get a place in line. So I waited quietly at the edge, and when the line opened grabbed the 5 year old beside me who was about to get trampled, threw a few elbows into the Ferengi on the left, and got us both into line. What, you think I’d pass up a Barbie?

I didn’t need to see a Phineas and Ferb life size bus, nor did I want to wait in line for an autograph from one of the Dexter stars (though I do love the show dearly), so I wandered over to the quieter area where the artists had set up shop.

The art there was beautiful, things for all tastes and styles. From across the aisle, my eye alighted on a whimsical piece with a little kitten playing with a balloon and I shot across the carpet to check it out. And then I saw this:

Which looks pretty much just like Emmett and my daughter.

The artist, the exceptionally talented Brittney Lee, smiled and looked up, and there I was, sniffling. Which is probably not the response she usually gets to her work. People at the Comic-Con are outrageous, and excitable, are sometimes angry or irritable, but I don’t know if “cathartic crying” is one of the usual emotions exhibited. Outside the Twilight sessions, of course.

Well, needless to say I bought it, and I’ll give to to my daughter for her room.

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  • Lisa W

    Sorry you didn’t get in to the GoT session — that would have been beyond awesome. But so glad you found that great pic to brighten up your day! Emmett was looking out for you.

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, love the artwork and the story!

  • I wanted to say Hello and touch base with you before BLOGPAWS.

    Me- Carm and my Crazy Cat Man Randy will be there and I wanted to be sure to get to know each of the folks going a bit better before the BIG EVENT!

    Our Website: I have to admit that between my various interests online I don’t always get to comment on blogs as much as I would like to… Or it just gets all redundant and meaningless…

    Our little bio is: We live in Buffalo, NY. Back in 1997 a black stray cat-Puffy came to us and made us her PURRsons. We fell head over heels in love with her and that next fall 1998 adopted to barn kittens littermate brothers- Sunny & Moony. The next spring 1999 there was a darling longhaired barnkitten Furby-same momcat as Sun & Moon. Before long I was online looking at cat breeds and feel in love with Maine Coons- Furby looks like one. I found a local breeder and adopted Candy-Fall 1999 who I just found out is the COVERGIRL on the new ICHC Wall Calendar, then Tommy-winter 2000, then Joy- Fall 2000 who was our momcat- who had 4 kittens and our keeper is Pride born in late 2001. We are all senior cats now and Puffy and Sunny have already left us to be with all the cat gods and goddesses.

    I look forward to meeting you at BLOGPAWS! Please do keep in touch! XO CC & 6GR8CATS

    • Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to meeting you at BlogPaws!

  • Tamara

    You should have talked to Mattel about Pet Doctor Barbie’s wardrobe faux pas (all of them – not sure how to write that in plural form) πŸ™‚ Who better than you to explain the proper attire of Pet Doctor Barbie. They might have even enjoyed hearing of her exploits here on the site.

    I hope the pic for your daughter brings lots of smiles for a long time to come. Emmet is surely wagging his tail in doggy heaven, knowing that you still love him and think of him often πŸ™‚

    • I would if I could ever get the ear of an actual Mattel rep. These guys were just crowd control and spent most of the time glaring at the crowds. πŸ™‚

  • Comic-Con! I am seriously jealous. I would die to be able to go as we have a ton of uber-geeky collectibles at our house. Sounds like so much fun.

  • Tonya

    To quote (sort of) Tom Hanks, “There’s no crying in Comic-Con!” Sounds like a fun (?)adventure, and the picture is just adorable. I’m sure your daughter will treasure it!

    • Love that movie! Totally got the reference!

  • Ivy

    I’m kind of jealous that you made it to Comic-Con. If i were in the area, I would have tried to go.

    Love love LOVE the picture. I may have to see if she has anything suitable for my daughter’s room.

  • Steph B

    Fabulous! I’ve been following the artist’s blog for a while now – she does some incredible 3-D paper art as well. Her Harry Potter work is amazing! πŸ™‚ So jealous that you got to go to Comic Con! (I mean, my dog is named Riker for heaven’s sake…)

    • I saw her 3-d pieces there too and they were just amazing.

  • Oh gosh that is LOVELY. I’m so glad you bought it! She does lovely work.

  • Cathey

    Absolutely wonderful artwork! I agree, any of her pieces would be wonderful, but the golden, she REALLY caught their look! You deserved a good day & thanks to “Tech” you got one!

  • TaxiLab

    Love the print and love her style! I went over to Etsy to check out her stuff and yup, bought a print “Bird Branch”

    Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

    • They are all marvelous. I love that piece too.

  • Kim

    Now I’m in love with that artist! I want to get one of her cat prints once we are up to the part when we actually hang art on the walls.

    Very jealous you got to go to Comic Con. I would opt for the less popular stuff like Psyche and Doctor Who- thinking it was less popular at least – only to be shocked by the lines πŸ˜‰

  • Thank you so much for supporting the artist’s at the convention! Particularly at Comicon, where the focus is so much on the big name companies. That’s a beautiful piece you found, and a beautiful story of your response to it.

  • I hope you shared with the artist your story, because it is a treasure for an artist to be able to capture such a poignant memory for someone, especially when you don’t know you are doing it! It makes you feel the Universe is using you for important things.
    Happy for you that you found it!

  • Oh, gee! That Comic-Con sounds SO much fun and I envy you for being there.

    I’ve been collecting Barbie dolls and although I am not necessarily all that excited about the Green Lantern character, I have to get my hands on the Green Lantern Barbie. Otherwise my collection would not be complete.

    By the way, even each one of my dogs has a Barbie doll which happens to be among their favorite toys although they don’t squeak.

  • Such a perfect painting!

  • Oh my goodness! What a fun surprise (I love surprises!) and what a FANTASTIC painting! Thanks for the link to her shop … all of her work is gorgeous! Glad you got to have a fun day out πŸ™‚