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The fourth of July was lovely. And thank goodness for that, because the fifth was pretty brutal, as it has remained since then. Humid, sticky, 100 degrees plus, the sort of weather that leaves you glued to the couch by your own sweat, unable to get up even if you wanted to, which you don’t. Brody goes outside long enough to jump in the pool, then hightails it back into the house to allow it all to evaporate in a nice sauna-dog-smell combo.

I used to call this “Hawaii hot.” But now, now I call it “Amazon hot.” It’s funny how something like a heat wave can trigger so many memories. If I’m going to be sitting around in this kind of heat, it would be nice to at least be somewhere as awesome and awe-inspiring as the Amazon. I miss it, even though I was only there for half a heartbeat.

I miss the verdant fields populated by lackadaisical bovines:


I miss the timeless feeling of boating up to a village unconcerned with Wifi access, Facebook status updates, and the latest Groupon:


I miss the children who are open and trusting and sweet, with none of the world weary cockiness that surrounds us here:

Beautiful kiddos in Peru

And I miss the little critters who were hiding at every turn:


Well, most of the critters. I don’t miss the botflies, the stupid chiggers that made me look like I had measles for a good month, or the tarantulas in the shower, but they weren’t nearly bad enough to keep me away. It was worth it.

Travel is such an enriching experience. I really hope I get to participate in a similar project again.

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  • Jeanne

    Isle of Skye, Scotland. The highland cows and black faced sheep roam free, the road is a dirt track with occasional wide spits for when you meet an approaching car and the ocean is never far away. So serene.

  • Hi Y’all,
    Did you say you moved here to the sauna known as the southeastern U.S., also sometimes called the “deep south”?
    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  • May I just say “verdant fields populated by lackadaisical bovines” is a beautiful turn of phrase. Your blog is informative, often humorous, and always entertaining – but I note that your writerly qualities are also top-notch! Kudos! And concerning the weather…hot and humid here in the Midwest, all-too-soon to be followed by snow, snow and more snow. We had about 3 weeks (total) of spring. So, no whining from the California-ites. ;p

  • Such great photos! I am glad we got to know each other and survived our experience in Peru!