Banner Day

It’s National Dog Day.

I am in DC bunkered in for the storm of the century with the greatest people in the world at BlogPaws. There is no one else I would rather weather Pawmageddon with.

And it’s my birthday.

Like I said, banner day!

I would love if you post something delightful in the comments today. Cupcakes, ice cream, puppies, otters, you name it.

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  • Megan

    I’m currently trying to rehab a hummingbird my father found in an underground parking garage yesterday. I want to release her today, but I’m not sure she’s strong enough yet. Friend me on FB and you can see squee-worthy pictures of her ๐Ÿ˜€

  • “We doggy friends have come to say,
    “We woof you!” on your special day!
    Not long in tooth, nor shed on head,
    you’ve much to dig in years ahead.
    Come play with us and you’ll soon get,
    that these years are your best years yet!
    Join the pack, get ready for fun,
    You’ll soon see life has just begun!

    (I didn’t make this up. I’m just not that clever. It’s from but I adapted it for any age birthday. Stay safe!
    Enjoy your day! Sue)

  • Chile

    Yappy Birthday!!!! *woof woof*

  • Roseofskye

    Happy Birthday Dr. V!

    For everyone’s sake on the East Coast I hope Irene turns out to be an overrated bit of rainfall by the time it reaches the US mainland instead of some massive tempest.

  • TaxiLab

    Happy Birthday! I wish I was at Pawmegeddon! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here’s a whole blog on kittens, puppies and cupcakes! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Barbara Wisdom

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday—-even with all that is going on, may you have a great & wonderful day!

  • Let me add my Birthday wishes, too! If the storm hits, at least you are in great company! I love the new term… Pawmegeddon .. but hope it doesn’t come to be!

  • A very very very Happy Birthday to you!!! Maybe you can visit George Town Cupcakes for your birthday!

  • Georgia Jewel

    Happy Happy Birthday, Dr. V! I made you banana bread from the Cooks’ Illustrated recipe, but you have to come down to Georgia to get it…
    Have a wonderful day!

  • Rose D.

    Dr. V, as a local, screw Georgetown Cupcakes. Hit up Crumbs! Happy Birthday!!

  • JaneK

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope it is not a complete “wash out” (sorry I couldn’t resist….. seriously, though, I hope Irene is a good little girl and changes her mind)

  • Lisa W

    Hope you have a marvelous birthday! For your enjoyment:

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Here’s a cute for you – my 18-month-old only says about 10 words, but she’s replaced “puppy” with “woof”. Any time she sees or hears a dog, she “woof”s repeatedly.

  • Leigh

    Happiest of Birthdays!

  • Happy Birthday Dr. V!

  • Gayle

    Happy Birthday, Dr. V! I am in DC, too, and some of our heads are still spinning from our earthquake(s) earlier this week, so we’re already in emergency mode and can take on Irene!
    This is old, and I don’t care:
    Good dog. Serves ’em right.

  • BurberrysMoma

    Happy Happy Birthday Dr. V.
    Nose Kisses from,
    Burberry the Beagle and Maynard the Golden Retriever

  • WufsNWags Barky’Day Wishes to you Dr. V!

  • michelle

    Happy birthday Dr. V! You and your friends need to have a Hurricane/Birthday party! Stay safe and have a great day.

  • Hi Y’all,

    Happy birthday to you, Dr. V!

    My Human and I have been thinkin’ about all the great folks with their pets up there this weekend. I’d love to be there to meet all the furiends attending. I just can’t imagine being able to go EVERYWHERE in the hotel with my Human!

    I hope everyone has read our posts about “poop bags”! I’d hate it if they ruined it for future pawed travelers!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  • Laia

    Happy Birthday! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I love it. Thanks to you my 2 cats are getting their teeth cleaned, I don’t think it’s something very common in Spain, my vet was surprised I asked for it. Anyway, this might be old and maybe everyone has already seen it, but just in case:

  • Happy birthday!! Have fun in DC!!! (Hope you got all the toilet paper, D batteries and bread that you need, haha.)

  • Ivy

    Happy Birthday!!! It’s my birthday weekend, too, so I’ll have a drink (or two) in honor of both of us!

  • Cathey

    Woody Birthday to you & please stay safe. I don’t know what I’d do without you!

  • Suzy Charto

    It’s my husband’s birthday too. We were supposed to go out but I turned my back and Mulligan ate 4 squares of dark chocolate. Long story but after making her vomit and a visit to a clinic I never go to but stayed open late to see our dog, Mully is okay. My husband’s gift is now a dog that is okay but no icing on the cake. Hope your birthday is not as interesting and you weather the storm.

  • lin

    Happy Birthday! Now you can compare the scare factor of earthquake vs. hurricane. Is the bar making complimentary Hurricanes for the birthday blogger?
    Cheerful news: Santa Cruz now allows dogs in its downtown! Next: the Boardwalk!

  • Happy birthday Jessica! It was nice to meet you at BlogPaws. Stay safe and I hope you have a smooth trip home!

  • Pam

    I’m sorry I had to leave BlogPaws early & miss your birthday. It was great to see you!



  • Happy belated birthday! Glad you choose to spend it with us. It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday.

  • OMG!! I not only missed meeting you at BlogPaws but I missed your BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! They even had cheesecake at BlogPaws on your birthday! I am hoping if you are still at BlogPaws that you are safe!

  • Happy Birthday! I can’t believe I missed meeting you at BlogPaws. Next year for sure!

  • Happy Birthday Dr. V! It seems you were hanging out with all my favorite folks. I sure hope they made your day special despite the airport delay. ๐Ÿ™‚