Giveaway Tuesday: Senior Pet!

Congratulations to the winners!

$50 gift card is Barbara Hubler
$20 gift card is Keri Dominguez
$20 gift card is Julie Hust


After a particularly bad month, I said to my friends that I felt like a car whose warranty had just expired. Every organ system has just fallen to bits all at once. I’ve spent the latter half of the summer catching up on my winter ’10 reading in doctor’s waiting rooms. I’ve been poked and prodded over just about every linear inch of my rapidly deteriorating carcass in the last two weeks, and I mean that in the most unpleasant and clinical of ways.

“Just you wait,” said the people who had a decade or so more on me. “You haven’t seen anything yet.” Oh, great. At this rate I’m going to be the one hobbling around town in compression socks and those wraparound sunglass/goggles hitting people with my cane by the time I hit 45. I am not going to be a nice old person, I can tell already. I’m going to be one of those mean, crabby ones.

Pets weather the aging process much more gracefully than we do. Despite suffering the same litany of woes, they get along just fine with nary a word of complaint other than the occasional grunt when they push their arthritic hips up or the slightest of winces when chomping down with diseased gums. For that alone, we owe them a debt of gratitude.

For them, Senior Pet Products is an online store offering products catering to the elderly pet populace, though they also offer products that are useful for pets of any age such as bedding, bowls, and cleaning supplies. And for you, we have a trio of gift certificates good for anything on the website.


Grand Prize: One $50 gift certificate to Senior Pet Products

First and Second Place: Each will receive one $20 gift certificate to Senior Pet Products  


Contest is open worldwide.


September 2, 2011 11:59 PM PST

To enter:

Entry Form

This form has all the details. The only required component is that you like Senior Pet Products and this site on Facebook. There are multiple optional extra ways to enter:

  • comment here with a favorite item from the website
  • share the giveaway with friends
  • provide proof of purchase of an item from the website

The details are all at the link. All entries will be tracked only on the entry form, so be sure even if you post here, to go over to the form and fill in your username. This is a little different from my normal format, so make sure you go there or the entry won’t be counted!

Discount Code:

To get a 15% discount on any order from the website, use the coupon code TREATS.

Good luck!

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  • TaxiLab

    OMG! I feel the exact same way. The last half of the summer has not been pleasant and I can’t imagine how I will feel in 10 years, let alone 20! Aaarrrgh! :/ I have several seniors and one senior foster dog, so I will definitely check out this site! Thanks for the info.

  • LOL, me too!

    Hey, can’t get onto their website. It’s not loading.

    • I checked and it wasn’t working, but now it seems to be back up.

  • Christine E.

    This bed looks great. My 4 yo lab LOVES to sleep on my daughters bed but he pushes her out at night. I was looking for a good, long lasting bed for him anyway and they make a smaller size for my Silky/Yorkie. Thanks for recommending that site :o)

  • Right after I turned 40 doctors kept using the phrase “well, as you get older” and I swore that I was going to kick the next one that said it. My dog Cali is 12 and she seems to move much better than my 47 year old body does 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  • Gabs

    My dogs aren’t seniors, but they would both love the salmon oil sold in the giant jugs!

  • Jen

    I should get a doggy massage book for my old guy. THe one by Wendy K looks cute!

  • Barbara H

    This crate pad: would be perfect for my 9yo labrador! His crate is where he sleeps and feels safest, but I can never find the right supportive bed to fit in his crate!

  • Avrora Davidovna

    Thanks for offering this giveaway! I really like the elevated feeders. As my kitties get older I’ve noticed they have a harder time crouching down to eat, so I just put their food bowls on a box. These feeders would be a step up!

  • Denise V.

    I have a 19 year old pug that I would love to win this for. My 2 favorite items on their website are: Washable Doggie Dungarees / Dog Diapers and Canine Cooler Pet Bed.

  • Kathy

    At the animal shelter I volunteer at we use Kuranda beds….they are off the floor…google them and check them out….that way as a senior they don’t have to get down on the floor then back up off the floor….I know that’s hard on my old lab.

  • shel

    I’d love the 14″ Sig. Series Elevated Feeder – Black…Bo my oldest dog is 11 now and arthritis makes everything go a bit more slowly now. Bending over to eat is getting tough too.

  • I love the petstep ramp.. Be awesome for my boy who had acl surgery for the car instead of us lifting him in and out.

  • Their Facebook link is not coming up and so I can’t “Like” it..

  • Laura

    Dr. Kay and her information on pet vaccines had me wondering about the frequency in which my pets receive their vaccines which are 3 year vaccines. Turns out, I’m one of those people that fall into the category of make an appointment as soon as I get a post card or an email from the vet’s office. I now have my own reminder system with alerts and I feel assured that the 3 year vaccines aren’t happening yearly

  • I like the Joint Pain Supplements • Glucosamine 2x with Chondroitin I have been using this for my senior girl. I will have to compare prices, it looks like I can save some money if I buy from them.

  • dog diapers

    I really like the pet step toss.. Be amazing for my boy who had acl surgery treatment treatment way to the car instead of us improving him in and out.