Let’s Get Together

Staying connected is a lot of work. Every time I turn around there is some new social media thing I’m supposed to be signed up for, some new thing I need to remember to update. I can barely keep up with what I have.

I’ve found anything that allows me to maintain lists online is preferable to one that requires me to remember where I placed a book, or a stack of business cards. Which is why, with the blessing of the BlogPaws team, I’ve started a Google Docs Spreadsheet for BlogPaws attendees to add their contact info. (If you aren’t going you can still add your info!) It’s open source for anyone to edit.

Please use it, share it, help make it awesome! This way when you get home and are shaking all the business cards out of the bottom of your swag bag you’ll still know how to get a hold of that awesome cat blogger you met on Saturday.

BlogPaws 2011 Online Directory:


Or if you want to enter the information in a form where it looks all fancy, you can do it right here.

The code is also available at Google Docs at the spreadsheet link, under the “form” tab- click on “embed form in a webpage” and you can get the code to embed this in your website.

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  • What a great idea, Dr V!! I have been working on a list on my own and it hasn’t been easy, ferreting out the humans names to match up with their blogs etc. If you like, I can email you the list I’ve compiled so far.

  • Great idea!