Ask Dr. V: Petsitters and euthanasia

Before I left, I spent a few minutes answering some of the great questions you submitted for the Ask Dr. V segments. I was on my way to a PTA meeting and had a few minutes to kill, so I figured why not. This was way more interesting, by the way.

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Do you have a clear understanding with your petsitters or boarding facilities when you leave on a trip? Would you want them to make that call for you?

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  • petesmom

    It’s a VERY good question for both the pet owner and the sitter. I know over the years we have had to leave elderly pets with someone, but in each case we have been lucky enough to leave them with people who knew us and our pets well enough to know how we would have handled a situation of that nature. Great reminder for all of us to make our wishes clear!

  • Woxdogs

    As a petsitter, I always make sure to have my client write a note with my name and business name that gives me permission to take their pets to their vet or Emergency Vet clinic in case of an emergency. It has helped me on several occasions and in the event of euthanasia, especially for their elderly pets, there is a clear agreement in writing about what the client wishes to have done. Their vet is also notified. The client cannot leave without giving me their wishes in writing.