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As always, if your pet has an immediate health concern, please see your regular veterinarian. I will answer questions about general health topics, but I will not select any questions that have to do with your specific pet’s health.

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  • Lacy Province

    Our Cairn Terrier Gus has kidney and liver issues. We have both a western and an holistic Vet we most every month. His last UA was back up to 2.9. He is on the K/D diet. I was wondering if there was a better diet for him and if you had any suggestions as to new treatments for kidney & liver issues.
    Thank you,
    Gus in Oregon

  • Jessica

    Could you talk about food allergies and sensitivities and how you know your pet has them and how you know the difference?

  • Jeanie

    We feed our two dogs a high protein, low carb food with no grains. Our lab Sadie is 6 years old. I have read that alot of vets believe that as they get older they may have kidney issues and I know that others don’t agree with this. I would like to know your opinion of this and if rotating food is something that you should do with your pets. Thanks:)

  • RoseOfSkye

    Do you have any recommendations for tricking fat and lazy cats into getting more exercise? I’m talking about the really passive indoor cats who’re not very smart and are afraid of everything, that don’t show any interest in bags and boxes, don’t chase a laser pointer for any more than a few minutes, paw at a ball only to lose interest when it rolls out of reach and generally laze about the couch all day. We’ve got the diet under control but that’s about it.