Bad Haiku Friday

Minnesota flight

Touched down 11 pm

Barely made it home.


Talked to many vets

Dr V humor for sure

An acquired taste


Chimpanzee pictures

Illustrate key components

Of Facebook success


For we are all chimps

Funny, nasty, kind and cruel

And want to be loved.


Vets perhaps confused

But get the “warm fuzzy thing”

‘Be Marty Becker.’


Strangely not nervous

Though 300 people stare

They liked the chimp pics.


Will be back to posting in complete sentences after the weekend. Bonus points if you respond to this post in haiku format. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Sue W.

    Challenge: write haiku
    Wikipedia consult
    Now too tired to try

  • Vetpanzee tease post
    Photos, Stories – promises
    The wait is too cruel

  • Tamara

    Everything is better with chimp photos! I’m sure they’re just wondering how they can possibly do it all, like you do ๐Ÿ™‚

  • tsst tsst tsst tsst tsst
    It is not working at all!
    Need to catch the reruns

  • Tamara

    You are awesome, Dr. V
    Don’t let anyone
    tell you different-a-ly!

    (that extra ‘a’ was added just for the syllable…heeheheheheheh!)

  • Karen

    Off to Girl Scout Camp
    Chimp behavior near certain
    Girls or moms or both.

    • Remember this if nothing else: if you get charged, hold your ground.

  • Laura in KY

    No public speaking for me
    Frightens me to death
    Hide behind typed words instead