Don’t leave the vet in charge

I have a new Baking With Brody post ready to go that just needs a couple more pictures. I’ll have it up this weekend, just in time for Halloween. So in the meantime, a corollary to yesterday’s post:

One of my tasks as kindergarten room mom, a job I grudgingly agreed to despite my better judgment, is to decorate the booth at the kid’s Halloween carnival. I thought we would be provided with games and we would simply be in charge of manning it, but oh, no, we need to actually come up with an activity ourselves, and then execute it. Under a pop up tent we were in charge of procuring, decorating, setting up, and taking down.

I panicked, being one who does neither creative games nor camping. So I consulted my friend, the Brownie troop leader, who despite her always on top of things demeanor never manages to make me feel like the slacker I am.

“We did something great last year,” she said. “You make a coffin with different things in it and let the kids put their hands in it and guess what they are feeling. Like, grapes for eyeballs, spaghetti for intestines, that sort of thing.”

And that could work, but I figured hey, why not up the ante and make it a real house of horrors?

I thought of the things I could bring in from work:

  • Brody’s testicles (I kept them. So sue me.)
  • A glaucomatous eyeball I enucleated in a bloody surgery worthy of Wes Craven;
  • a tapeworm
  • A jar of ticks
  • Pictures of heartworm disease
I thought about presenting this idea to the PTA Halloween committee, but my husband gently suggested that I might want to reconsider. “Unless you want to lose your job as room mom,” he added.


Which, you know, wouldn’t be all bad.
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  • I believe that you were going for that realistic quality, and no one can be upset about that! I mean they need to know what an eyeball REALLY feels like at some point in their lives!

    You are a brave women entering that JK room!!

  • Cathey

    I’m thinking there’s a method to your madness! You go, Girl!

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Love it! (And no, that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing!)

  • The tick jar is a great idea! It’s educational – helps them identify a tick. The other stuff may be harder to justify.

  • Preston

    You kept his man parts…that’s just too funny…wish my mom had kept mine..would have been a conversation piece to proudly display on our bookcase. We could put it beside my trophy for best dog costume ๐Ÿ™‚ heheheheh

  • Heather

    I love it! I find gross things so interesting. like the time I helped with castrating a fox terrier. his testicles were cancerous and had become necrotic and were oozing pus. I found it fascinating, but for some reason whenever I relate that story to people they go green and the men wince and grab their crotches. I don’t get it.