Tagg the Pet Tracker Unboxing

My husband insisted we make an unboxing video for the Tagg the Pet Tracker we received to review this week. Unboxing videos are definitely a guy thing.

“What do I do?” I asked. “I haven’t gotten to review it yet.”

“You don’t review it,” he said. “You just take it out of the box and explain what you see.”

It makes no sense to me, but I’d watch people unboxing Louboutins all day so I suppose you like what you like. Anyway, I actually have an actual review of the Tagg coming up, but if you’d like a sneak peek at the box it comes in, as well as what the device itself looks like, here you go. It really is a nifty device, by far the most attractive of the GPS devices on the market.

YouTube Preview Image

I do think a handsome Golden would have been great for the box. I’m just saying.


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  • Redcanuck

    Now I’m really curious what the bone shaped thing is for!

  • Oskar

    We’ve been waiting to hear about this since BlogPaws, so we can’t wait to see how it works.

    Pam & Oskar