Giveaway: Biscuits by Lambchop!

Annette Frey from Biscuits by Lambchop has been there for me from the very beginning, always the first to offer generous giveaways of her awesome Biscuits by Lambchop each and every time I have a harebrained scheme like, say, this blogathon. She is a great friend and she also happens to make a great product for sensitive dogs- which by the way are quite delicious- so check them out!

Biscuits by Lambchop is giving away  a set of 4oz. Choppers & Starlets dog biscuits!

Leave a comment and tell us why you want to win.  Get an extra entry if you leave a comment on their Facebook page!

(Shipping in the US only).


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  • Horserideramg

    I want to win because I rescued my Terrier Mix-Siren- at the beginning of August- and I am working hard to train her on some basic commands and ‘leash etiquette.’ I would LOVE to have some new treats to try when rewarding her for being a good student….or just because she’s awesome! I love my rescue dog!

  • I’ve been studying obsessively for the veterinary board exams (next week! ahhh!) and I would love to reward my dog, who has very patiently put up with me while I bury myself in books and flashcards!

  • H Ski

    I would love to have some new treats for Lola. I am trying to find healthier and natural products for her after I found out she has arthritis in her knees

  • cstironkat

    I would like to treat both my dogs with these wonderful treats. Kouga is our rescue dog who passed hit Canine Good Citizen test, and Milele who is 12 now and a retired certified therapy dog. They add so much love and joy to our home.

  • cstironkat

    I left a comment on Biscuits by Lambchop on their facebook page.

  • Emily K

    I would love to get some interesting treats for my dog. She has skin issues so these healthier treats would be great!

  • I have two with sensitive stomachs they would love these!

  • I have two with sensitive stomachs they would love these!

  • Raeann

    My dogs are hungry, hungry labs and love treats and I like that these are good quality treats.

  • Alex

    I would love my Golden Retriever to try these treats. They look yummy and their flavors interesting.

  • Dudleywillick

    We all love BBL’s!!!! So of course I would love to win!!!

  • Summer

    I’d love to win, we’re always on the lookout for new healthy treats to keep it interesting for them!

  • Summer

    I commented on Biscuits by Lambchop’s facebook page also!

  • Nicki

    Bella loves trying new treats so these would be perfect for her to try!

  • Destinylaf

    I have four dogs, so these treats would not go to waste! : )

  • Christine Welsh Ewalt

    These are fabulous treats and the doggies LOVE them. Posted on their fb page also.

  • Quinn

    My two pibbles will eat anything (mulch anyone?) but these seem like a healthier option. Coconut=yum, right?

  • Art4milkbones

    I’d like to win for my golden pup who was SOOooo good after her spay a few wks ago & didn’t mess with her incision at all 🙂

  • Jasouza9

    I’d like to win because Gilbert just had a tapeworm, and that can’t be fun so he deserves a treat!

  • I would love to win these treats partly because Dakota is sensitive emotionally and physically! Some treats give him reactions, Shelties by nature are emotionally sensitive so he is the perfect candidate to win!