Brody versus Zombies


Can dogs become zombies?

According to World War Z, no:

Like all animals, dogs who bite zombies do not turn into zombie-dogs, but instead contract a fast-moving fatal infection and will rapidly die. Thus it is important to train dogs being used against zombies never to bite them. Instead, they’re trained to circle around and pounce on the zombie’s back, pushing with their forelegs between the shoulder blades, to knock the zombie down.

But according to Resident Evil, they can.

Then going back to Dawn of the Dead, no, they can’t.

But I can Haz Cheezburger says yes, they can.


As in all fictional zombie stories, I guess this one is up to me. Brody was out all night playing catch with the zombies. I can’t tell whether or not he got bit. He seems his usual happy goofy self, at least so far….

But what will happen between now and noon?

How will this story end?

Will Brody be fine? Or will he turn into CraZy Undead Zombie Dog?

Only you can determine the outcome:


I do hope you’ll help me with my fundraising goals. It would be such a bummer to have to write my dog into a zombie.

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  • Anonymous

    GOOD NEWS! According the Zombie Research Society (yeah, a real NPO) Nope, dogs will not likely be affected by the virus AND they will likely be able to smell the folks who are infected long before the rest of us realize it, must like the way they can smell cancers. COOL BEANS.

  • Tamara

    I going to take it on faith that all animals are safe from zombies, cause I need it to be true.

  • Tamara

    Hmmmm, have made 2 donations via ChipIn and they’re not showing on the meter. I hope that means it isn’t really at $0 cause that would be heartbreaking.

    • Drv

      They’re there! The Widget is just slow to update.

  • Kristina

    Who remembers the scene with Will Smith in “I am Legend” when his dog went zombie after protecting him the night before? OMG people were sobbing in the theatre (moi included). I choose to go with the virology theory that viruses are rarely species jumping, and, dogs will be our immune furry heroes of zombie apocalypse.

    The episode of “deadliest warrior” on spike when they did “Zombies vs. Vampires” for halloween was alot of fun too. they had a rather serious discussion on how viruses work in an overall silly fun show.

    I make my plea again, Lattes for Lions! Forego a few lattes and pitch in 10 or 20 bucks…. it all helps, it all adds up, it really really does. 🙂 If you can, please do.

  • Also on Legend, the zombie rats were actually real life super cute hairless rats. I can’t believe I went an entire 24 hours without tying that into the Blogathon somewhere. But THAT dog scene you mentioned Kristina is why I can never watch Legend again!